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Buying a car in the USA for $1 - how much do they cost in Russia?

Buying a car in the USA for $1 - how much do they cost in Russia?
Is it possible to buy a normal car for 75 rubles in Russia? Some kind of VAZ 000/2101, and even then - you have to drive for a long time and choose something decent in terms of bodywork among frank trash.

Well, what can you buy for this amount in the US? That's just $1! As you can see from local ads, there are a lot of interesting things, ranging from state employees to real sports cars, business sedans and pickup trucks.

dodge neon

Let's start with the simplest option. Dodge Neon is a compact car, about the size of a BMW of the third series in the back of an e36. Produced in two generations, but for $ 1 in the US, the last regeneration model of 000 is offered.

Under the hood is a 2,0-liter unit, the power is not indicated, but it is 133 or 152 hp. With. By the way, there are Dodge Neons with 2,4-liter engines for 218/230 hp. s., but rarely.

Купить авто в США за 1 000 долларов – а сколько они стоят в России?American small car. Photo: Youtube.com

The announcement states that the car is fully functional, both in bodywork and technically. In Russia, they ask for at least 180 rubles for this.

All the cars shown below will cost $1.

Volkswagen Passat B5

Let's move on to our popular model - Volkswagen Passat B5 after restyling. The seller decided not to bother describing the technical characteristics of the car, but the photo shows that the condition of the body is good, there are no “bugs”. No damage has been reported.
A run of 150 km is already a pleasant clarification!

Volkswagen Passat B5 is very popular in Russia! Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, they ask for at least 200 rubles for the Passat!

Pontiac Bonneville

A typical representative of the classic American car industry. The year is not stated, but this is the ninth generation, which was produced from 1991 to 1999. The ad states that the car is equipped with a standard V6 engine with a displacement of 3,8 liters and 205 hp. With.
The seller wrote that there were no problems with the car.

That Pontiac Bonneville. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, for a Pontiac Bonneville they ask from 200 rubles.

Mercedes-Benz W202

A car with an engine of 2,8 gasoline for 193 liters is offered. With. 1996 release. This is a compact C-class. The ad states that the car is ideal and even the air conditioning works!

In Russia, for this money, Mercedes will be on its last legs. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, a Mercedes can be bought at a price of 50 rubles, but for a copy in good condition they will ask for at least 000!

Volvo V70

The car is sold by a platform for the sale of used cars. It is indicated that the Volvo V70 of 2003 is equipped with an engine with a displacement of 2,4 liters. Of the malfunctions - an oil leak from under the valve cover and a wiped driver's seat. Otherwise, the car is ready to transport sacks of potatoes even now!

Volvo has a high capacity. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, they ask for at least 250 rubles for such a car, and these will obviously be options with serious problems.

Toyota Camry

The Japanese XV20 sedan from 1998 is in perfect condition and serviced. The owner claims that the mileage is 330 km, and the car is being sold because it takes up space in the garage.

In Russia, Toyota are popular! Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, Camry is traditionally respected, which is proved by the high prices for this model. A car with a “normal” left-hand drive is sold for at least 300 rubles.

Jaguar XJ

The car has a whole body, not touched by rust! And this is a real Jaguar, not a parody based on the Ford Mondeo! Of the problems, a crack on the windshield, a broken hood opening lever and a generator were declared. Of course, it is not so easy to get spare parts for Jaguar XJ in the USA, but in Russia there are the same problems with this.

Expensive to maintain Jaguar XJ, but beautiful! Photo: Youtube.com

We are asking for at least 600 rubles for the Jaguar XJ - we are talking about four-liter V000s.


There are a lot of pickup trucks in the US, which is why they sell them so cheaply. The SUV of 1993, on a good course, cracked windshield and door locks that open from the outside or through the windows are stated as problems.

Under the hood is a huge V8 with a displacement of 5,8 liters per 210 hp. With. and automatic transmission. This is a single-row pickup truck with a large cargo platform.

Pickup trucks are not popular with us, but they are expensive. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, there is now a pair of IX generation Ford F-150s on sale, but with a two-row cab and tuning. They ask for them from 1 rubles.

Chevy S-10

Pickup truck of the second generation with one and a half cab. In this body, he was produced from 1993 to 2012.

Chevrolet S-10 is suitable for work. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, these are not for sale, but for a similar Ford Ranger they ask from 600 rubles.

Pontiac Sunfire

Quite exotic even for the US car in the back of a coupe. The owner claims that the car only needs an oil change and brake pads. Of course, this is far from a sports car - under the hood is an engine with a displacement of 2,2 liters per 140 hp. With.

Design for an amateur, of course ... Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, for a car in the back of a coupe, they ask from 600 rubles - apparently they believe that they have a valuable exclusive!

Ford Taurus

A simple but large and reliable sedan with a 3,0 liter cast iron engine. This car is from 2004, it runs but has minor suspension problems and oil leaks from under the valve cover.

Reliable car, but rots quickly. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, they ask for a Ford Taurus from 200 rubles.

Dodge grand caravan

Dodge is a full-size minivan of our most popular IV generation. The body is intact, the owner claims that technically there are no questions about the car. Only selling because I need to make room in the garage.

Large family car. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, for a Dodge Grand Caravan in this condition, they ask for at least 350 rubles.

Ford Mustang

And how do you like the legend for funny money? Of course, this is only the fourth generation and there are problems with the gas pump, but still, the Mustang is an interesting option! Several cars were found for sale falling within the $1 budget! Oddly enough, they have problems with the fuel system. Apparently, for Americans to change the fuel pump on their own is a difficult task.

We can not call this car cheap. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, they ask for a minimum of 370 rubles for a car!

Mercedes-Benz SL

Sports roadster from Mercedes with a problem with the fuel pump. These cars are almost collectible!

A real legend in good condition! Photo: Youtube.com

We offer the cheapest copies from 800 rubles.

Ford Crown Victoria

Favorite car of the US police. The external condition is not very good, but, according to the seller, technically everything is fine. By the way, this is a frame sedan. You can take it, unless, of course, fuel consumption under 20 liters is not annoying.

The police are working! Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, such cars are not liked, but they sell at least 230 rubles.

Cadillac Deville

For those who find the police Ford too simple and banal, you can offer the Cadillac DeVille for the same amount. This is the seventh generation of the model. Condition externally and internally good, but the brake pipes need to be replaced. Plus, the peeling varnish would be nice to update. What is surprising - all the electrics work, at least the seller writes like that.

You can join the American premium inexpensively. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, they ask for at least 600 rubles for such a car.

Lincoln Town Car

Well, the last option for those who want a real limousine only in a short base. Judging by the photo and description, the car is in perfect condition both outside and inside. Everything works, no investments are required. Car 1989 release, but it's retro!
For those who want a fresher Lincoln Town Car, we found a 2000 variant for the same price.

Handsome, but parking is difficult! Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, they ask for at least 220 rubles for such a car.

In general, if you are going to the USA, it seems cheaper to buy a car for $ 1 to travel around different states. The choice in this price category is simply huge.

But not everything is so good in the USA. The tax on cars there is really low - about 6% of the cost of the car per year, but insurance is the cheapest - $ 1 for the same period. You can't drive without it! If the police see such a car on the street, it will be evacuated to a car impound.

Parts in the US are inexpensive, but repairs can make serious holes in the budget. That's why they sell cheap cars with minor breakdowns - repairs will cost at least half the cost of the car, and this is at best!

Well, it's one thing to study ads, and quite another to see cars with your own eyes! It is possible that there are many hidden problems that they simply decided to keep silent about.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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