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"Niva" with a 122 hp engine. With. – the car will soon become serial

"Niva" with a 122 hp engine. With. – the car will soon become serial
VAZ-2121 is a legendary model. The oldest car in the manufacturer's line. And the car hasn't changed much externally. This is the same SUV as during the existence of the Soviet Union. Some will say that Niva is bought because of its low cost. This is not so - the VAZ-2121 is also taken abroad. Although in small quantities, the demand is steady. And the price tag is “atomic”. And if Niva were offered at the same price as in Russia, sales volumes would increase many times over. Even taking into account transport costs.

Is it worth modifying the VAZ-2121? This is the point of buying a car. Although in stock condition it drives well off-road, an inquisitive mind will find something to improve here. And if the pair also happens to have skilled hands... Yes, in a wide garage with a pit and a full set of tools... Only the manufacturer believes that the Niva is ideal. And there is no need to modify it. Why do you need a diesel engine or a gasoline engine with a volume of 2,0-2,5 liters paired with an automatic transmission? This is a tough SUV - you need to repair it with a hammer and a roll of wire. The latter, by the way, is no longer lying around on every corner these days—you have to buy it. Although, things seem to have moved forward - AvtoVAZ is preparing a sports version of the Niva for mass production. And they will talk about it on the “PrivetTachka” channel.


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