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ZIL 157 or DT75 with a Japanese V8 - who better to "pull" the swamp?

ZIL 157 or DT75 with a Japanese V8 - who better to "pull" the swamp?
There are two interesting cars on the balance sheet of the craftsmen from the Combat Crew YouTube channel. The first is the DT75 caterpillar tractor, and not a simple one, but on a Japanese V8 engine. You won’t find these for sale, and it’s not surprising - the authors of the project personally collected it. The second car is ZIL 157, which has appeared many times in commercials on the channel, because it is used as a truck crane for various trash. For example, you can see it in recent video on the installation of a VAZ 2112 on a chassis from the same DT75.

This time, the masters of all trades wanted to check which of the "monsters" is better able to cope with a non-trivial task - driving through a swamp. We decided to measure not only throughput, but also speed. In general, who will pass faster, that and sneakers. What came out of it - you will see in the video. In addition to directly testing the authors of the channel took the time to talk about each of the projects.

In general, the project "DT75 on V8" in itself is of interest among channel subscribers and casual viewers. A very unusual sound for a caterpillar tractor, more typical for sports cars. And how fast it goes and how quickly it accelerates - this must be seen. We suggest it and do it, and then come back and share your opinion in the comments.


Photos used: youtube.com

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