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Renault's largest partner leaves the Russian market

Renault's largest partner leaves the Russian market
Faurecia is going to leave the Russian Federation. The largest manufacturer of automotive components in our country is no longer able to bear the burden of downtime.

In order to minimize losses, difficult decisions were made to leave Russia. The press service of Faurecia has already managed to publish the amount that the company will lose - this is 143 million euros, or 11,65 billion rubles. Of this, about 3,25 billion are losses due to the shutdown and downtime of six production sites.

Faurecia is a company that few people know about. But without it, the smooth operation of such large enterprises as Renault, Ford, Volkswagen and all Stellantis brands would hardly be possible. They also cooperated with Japanese and South Korean automakers, who have established the assembly of cars in Russia.

Крупнейший партнер Рено покидает российский рынокBy the way, work at the Faurecia production sites is hard. Photo: Youtube.com

Recall that Faurecia has been operating in our country since 2005. All this time the brand has been dynamically developing and earning. In 2022, when foreign companies suspended their activities in Russia and then left altogether, Faurecia's capacities are idle. The manufacturer of auto components was left without partners, plus the governments of the EU countries do not allow components to cross their borders.

In this situation, Faurecia can only leave. To whom the assembly sites will be sold is still unknown. Specialists name the Avtocomponent brand as a likely buyer.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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