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GAZ Valdai 12 – a little Chinese, but mostly Russian

GAZ Valdai 12 – a little Chinese, but mostly Russian
The Gorky Automobile Plant is the only surviving enterprise in its niche. However, there were only a few of them in Soviet times - GAZ and ZiL. The rest worked at the expense of the giants, who supplied them with components and assemblies. The Likhachev plant, by the way, was considered a more serious enterprise. But many remember that the leaders competed, trying to stand out. No, they had no competition, just friendly competition, professional pride. But ZiL “ordered to live long.” The factory no longer exists. GAZ survived - primarily at the expense of Volga. Then “Gazelle”, a bestseller, quickly appeared. Now the model has been globally updated, or rather, the generation has changed.

It is unlikely that anyone will suspect the old Gazelle of Chinese origin. After all, cars with the prefix “Business” are still assembled. They even look painfully reminiscent of those very first trucks from the mid-90s. But GAZ Valdai 12 is a completely different matter. Some are sure that this is in fact a Chinese model. Only there is much more domestic stuff in the car. Its own chassis, YaMZ engine. And you will find out the rest of the details yourself by watching the video on the Konstantin PRO channel. Yes, GAZ Valdai 12 is a full-fledged domestic car and you should be proud of it.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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