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Will a Soviet truck start after 30 years of inactivity - a way out of "hibernation"

Will a Soviet truck start after 30 years of inactivity - a way out of "hibernation"
The reliability of Soviet technology is a topic around which spears are constantly broken in global and local Internet battles. On the one hand, there is nothing to fail there - the cars are the simplest. On the other hand, Soviet technology requires constant care. No, this is not at all the maintenance of foreign cars, where occasionally you need to add oil to the engine, focusing on the readings of the on-board computer. And not a single visit to the service station. Soviet cars require inspection before each trip. You never know, the hose broke or something unscrewed. In such conditions, she will ride almost forever until her corrosion destroys. Therefore, it is not enough with the clean hands of the owners of Soviet trucks.

But some people like to mess around. It's a hobby in today's computerized world. Here, the author of the Taavi Liivet channel devotes his free time to old Soviet trucks and off-road military vehicles. In the video, he will try to "revive" one "monster" from the USSR after 30 years of inactivity. Do you think it will work? Why guess when you can see? And at the end, the author will ride on the GAZ-51 with a breeze. If it starts, of course, but the mood is fighting.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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