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KAMAZ-4310 - "half a thousand" miles after many years of inactivity

KAMAZ-4310 - "half a thousand" miles after many years of inactivity
The Russian land is a rich and vast land. It is especially famous for its enthusiasts. They exist even now. The guys from the Custom Truck channel share their incredible adventures with us. How else to call a trip on a battered KamAZ-4310? Incredibly brave passage through almost the whole of Belarus (exactly in length) in a car that had just been removed from storage!

But first, of course, the car still needs to be started. Not from the first half-poke, of course, but after certain manipulations, the KamAZ-4310 engine started working. And not just, but as a "watch"! The only thing that let us down in the antique car was charging from the generator, but everything turned out to be not so scary - the old Soviet fuse simply could not stand the test of time.

Well, then the most interesting begins - the road. And the first kilometers showed that on the part of the wheels the hydraulics wedged a little, and they did not want to spin. With the help of methodical knocking with a heavy tool, the problem was solved. The next stage of the quest was problems with turning on the dispenser, and then winter suddenly returned, it began to snow. But it’s better to watch everything yourself, since these “troubles” are far from the most epic on this trip.


Photos used: youtube.com

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