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The Minako F10 electric bike is definitely more reliable than a scooter

The Minako F10 electric bike is definitely more reliable than a scooter
Electric scooters are now at the peak of popularity. Even 10 years ago, no one in Russia thought that this type of transport would win the hearts of thousands of our compatriots. But electric scooters have become popular among the general population. Now even pensioners famously use such equipment. By the way, kicksharing played an important role in this.

But with electric bikes, the situation, unfortunately, is not so rosy. This technique, as it was unpopular, has remained. But a bicycle is better than a scooter. For example, on it you can safely go on trips at the limits of the battery. Out of battery? It does not matter, it will turn out to go further, using the pedal drive. But the scooter will have to be rolled. In theory, you can push off with your foot from the ground, as in childhood, but the technique is heavy because of the battery. An e-bike, of course, is also not the lightest. But many models are equipped with a number of gears, which facilitates the process of movement on the "foot" drive.

As far as cross-country ability is concerned, the average bike is better than a scooter, if only because of the large wheels. And the Minako F10 model, which the author of the Lux Wheel channel will tell about, is generally a fatbike, and an electric one. One glance at the wheels is enough to understand that this technique will go everywhere. And if it gets stuck in the mud, you can easily pull it out yourself.


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