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Abandoned Trucks: Restore or Recycle?

Abandoned Trucks: Restore or Recycle?
Tractors and old trucks no one needs - all this has become familiar, especially for those who live far from big cities. The abandoned "GAZon", "sixty-sixth" or ZIL-130 somehow arouse little interest. Another thing is trucks, truck tractors, especially if they are foreign-made. Moreover, oddly enough, there are instances that have been abandoned quite recently (you can verify this by watching the video on the AUTO VIDEO channel). But the period of their normal state is short-lived: there are always lovers of someone else's.

It seems that today and times are different, but no! On such sites, sometimes there are cars and even buses that are “some” 20-30 years old. For example, to save space, some of them literally put on top of each other. Even such rather big trucks as KrAZ. But foreign cars have gone: Skoda-LIAZ is a rare specimen, where are you, car enthusiasts?

Such a “trouble” in the form of an accumulation of abandoned vehicles is typical not only for the Russian Federation: the countries of America and Europe suffer the same. Unless the scale is larger there and the equipment can be found quite old. Moreover: part of it, which worked even in the days after the end of the Second World War, is still working. But back to Russia: the most interesting thing in the video is that its author tells where you can find cemeteries or individual copies of abandoned cars.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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