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Modern Kirovets tractors are even more powerful than in Soviet times and do not rust

Modern Kirovets tractors are even more powerful than in Soviet times and do not rust
The most powerful large-scale Soviet tractor is the Kirovets. At least the ones that were popular. Not to say that everyone in the village loved this model. The problem with technology with such dimensions and power is the difficulty with “hackwork”. Try to drive the “monster” into the garden - he would rather destroy everything there than plow it! But the Soviet “Kirovets” inspired respect. Deaf old people shuddered from the roar of the engine, feeling the vibrations in their guts. It is a pity that this technology remains in the Soviet past, according to critics.

But not everyone is aware that the Kirov Plant does not just work - it develops, modernizes, and creates new models of tractors. And they are more diverse and powerful than their Soviet predecessors. However, now “Kirovets” is represented in several “weight categories”. Some of the tractors would impress even rural workers - they would not refuse to see the equipment in their gardens. Plus, now “Kirovets” will look pleasing to the eye. Body panels are plastic and do not rot. The main thing is that the wings can withstand the weight of the operator in heavy boots due to adhering clay. However, such a person is unlikely to be allowed behind the wheel, because the cabin of a modern Kirovets is better equipped than the interior of a middle-class car. A tour of the Kirov plant will be given by the author of the “MACHINATORS” channel.


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