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Strength tests - crash tests in the USSR

Strength tests - crash tests in the USSR
Which of the Soviet cars was the strongest? You probably don't know for sure! In the video on the channel "AUTO HISTORY" you will be shown and told about how cars made in the USSR withstood serious exams in terms of strength, reliability of the body and other power elements. The results were somewhat unexpected.

In Soviet times, few thought about the safety of cars for the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. A large number of victims in collisions forced to make changes to the design of the machine at the development stage. Moreover, crash tests have already begun in the West, and the USSR wanted to sell its automotive products abroad. Initially, to test the machines for the strength of steel at MZMA (later - AZLK). The first result was interesting: for the first time in the country, the plant began to use a safety steering wheel and column in its cars.

The strength of the car was tested in a variety of emergency situations, but the most popular was a concrete wall. The slow-motion footage shows what happens to the dummy when the car crashes into an insurmountable obstacle at full speed. You will learn how not only cars, but also trucks were tested (in relation to them, there is a specific test). But which of them turned out to be stronger, you will find out by getting acquainted with the video.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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