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The quality of MAZ dump trucks - a professional driver will tell the truth

The quality of MAZ dump trucks - a professional driver will tell the truth
There was a time when MAZ heavy trucks were loved in the vastness of the Soviet Union. Drivers believed that they were better than KamAZ trucks. Only the USSR collapsed a long time ago, old ties between enterprises were broken, and the quality of trucks began to plummet. But the Belarusian manufacturer claims that the problems of the 90s are over. Since the beginning of the XXI century, MAZ has returned the vaunted quality. They say that the equipment at the plant is modern, the workers are trying, the cars are good.

Anyone who did not work at MAZ can agree with this. Both in the factory and on the truck. I had a chance to work on cars and the enterprise. Dump trucks are good compared to Soviet models. They are comfortable and convenient. But by the end of the shift, my back starts to hurt. This is considered the norm until you change to a European or even a Chinese truck. That's when you realize what real comfort is. In recent years, the manufacturer claims that the plant has defeated rust. Previously, this was a problem - the cabin was covered with "bugs" in the first year. Now it's definitely enough for a couple of years. But the body is still rusting. So that this is not empty words, I suggest watching the video of the channel “this is avby”. There the driver will tell and show what happened to the MAZ dump truck in just 95 thousand kilometers.


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