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Moskvich-408 is ready to go to the rally - for this they prepared it

Moskvich-408 is ready to go to the rally - for this they prepared it
Modern cars of the Moskvich brand are Chinese crossovers with domestic nameplates. Although, they were also brought from the Middle Kingdom, where they were carefully made. The Moskvich has been lost for a long time, although there are still models of the Soviet and Russian eras of AZLK on the roads. They are valuable, of course, not for collectors. Just "Moskvich" is able to return to childhood. And this characteristic smell of a Soviet car - you can’t confuse it with anything ...

Is it worth investing in an old car? If it is dear as a memory, then you can. And there are people who go further. For example, in the video of the channel “this is avby”, a Moskvich-408 is shown, professionally prepared for the rally. 2,4 million rubles were invested in its completion. For this money you can buy a Chinese crossover. Although, who needs it, disposable consumer goods? Here Moskvich-408 is retro. And in this particular version - a racing car, moreover, prepared according to specific rules. Of course, this car has little in common with factory copies, but still, it is interesting. And the attention of its owner on the roads is provided. And isn't the opportunity to participate in a full-fledged rally worth 2,4 million rubles?


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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