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How to win at Pikes Peak - one story AUDI QUATTRO

How to win at Pikes Peak - one story AUDI QUATTRO
These rally races are not just a spectacular sporting event that millions of fans love to follow. This is where the real battles between car manufacturers unfold. Of course, in the difficult road conditions of the mountain route to the top of Pikes Peak, the role of the pilot is paramount. However, on a weak car, no skill will help - the race is won not just by lucky and prudent racers, but also by the technical parameters of the cars used.

In pursuit of perfection and additional power, automotive giants do not hesitate to go for all sorts of "tricks". After all, not everyone is able to bypass strict regulatory norms that “level” the technical capabilities of cars without violating them. And entire institutes of automakers are hard at work on the inventions of such “main advantages”. This story tells about a similar stunt of one participant in the rally races of group B. How the idea of ​​​​creating AUDI QUATTRO appeared and the features of its implementation will be discussed in this film. Whether the AUDI team was the first to reach the finish line, you will find out by watching the video provided to us by the Avtokultura youtube channel to the end.


Photos used: youtube.com

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