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The most pumped GAZ-21 in Russia from 1JZ to 280 hp With.

The most pumped GAZ-21 in Russia from 1JZ to 280 hp With.
GAZ-21 is a car, the thoughts of which the former citizens of the USSR resonate in the heart with pleasant nostalgia. That same "Volga" became the successor of the traditions of "Victory", eventually spread throughout almost the entire Union, received a sanitary, export and even tropical version. This is not counting a couple dozen modifications, including right-hand drive!

But even today, 53 years after leaving mass production, the GAZ-21 never ceases to amaze us. Especially his "pumped" versions, as the hero of today's video review. Under its hood is a Japanese 1JZ engine with 280 hp, which has already become legendary among tuners. With. Here he works in tandem with an automatic transmission, removed, like the engine, from the Toyota Mark II. The bridge was delivered from Volvo, the interior was replaced almost completely. Big wheels on fashionable rims can now be "burned" at traffic lights - the engine's power is enough to make a real "burn out". Not without a powerful subwoofer with an amplifier in the luggage compartment. By the way, its lid received hydraulic seals - something that was so lacking on the original Volga.

The author of the YouTube channel "PrivetTachka" compared two versions of the GAZ-21 head-on - the classic version and the "pumped" version. It will be interesting for fans of both the Soviet automobile industry and auto tuning.


Photos used: youtube.com

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