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The new generation Toyota Camry is already on sale – the prices are encouraging

The new generation Toyota Camry is already on sale – the prices are encouraging
Toyota has started live sales of its Camry business class sedan. For now, the car is available only in one market – the USA. But later they promise to bring the model to the international stage.

The cost is already known. For the basic version of the Toyota Camry, dealers are asking from 29,5 thousand dollars (2,78 million rubles). This is about 7% more expensive than they want for a previous generation car. But now, even in the basic configuration, the Toyota Camry comes in a hybrid version.

For the most expensive version of the business sedan, called SE AWD, you will have to pay $42 (220 million rubles). This modification will also include the Premium Plus package. And externally, you can distinguish a “top” car by its two-tone body paint.

Toyota Camry нового поколения уже в продаже – цены радуютIn this generation, Toyota Camry has become even more faceless. Photo: youtube.com

Russian drivers can only dream of such prices for a Toyota Camry. Although this model has not been officially sold here since 2022, the cars continue to be transported under the parallel import program.

For a previous generation Toyota Camry without mileage they ask us for at least 4,5 million rubles. And managers at car dealerships say that you need to buy a car now, otherwise the next batch will be even more expensive.

The main difference between the new generation Toyota Camry and the previous generation is the new engines. Now they are only hybrid, based on a 2,5-liter engine. Power – from 225 to 232 hp. With. In the latter case, the car is all-wheel drive.

But the legendary version with a V6 engine and a volume of 3,5 liters will no longer be available. The Japanese manufacturer abandoned it even in modifications for the USA, where such engines are traditionally loved.

Despite the fact that this is a new generation, the manufacturer decided not to change the platform. The Toyota Camry is based on the same TNGA-K trolley. It looks more like a deep restyling, but the Japanese decided to follow the example of the Chinese. The latter like to announce a new generation of models even after minor modifications.

The interior of the new Toyota Camry turned out to be rather nondescript. Photo: youtube.com

The body remained essentially the same. But externally the car has changed. He became even more athletic, although he lost some individuality in his appearance. If not for the Toyota nameplates, the Japanese sedan could be confused with some Chinese car.

The interior has also changed - the dashboard is completely new. But the classical architecture was preserved. The electronic instrumentation still imitates traditional analog dials.

Let us remind you that the Toyota Camry in Russia has managed to acquire legendary status. Regardless of the generation, the model is reliable and durable. Until the beginning of the second quarter of 2022, this car was assembled at a plant in St. Petersburg.


Photos used: youtube.com

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