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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - pros and cons of a used model

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - pros and cons of a used model
The Japanese SUV Toyota Land Cruiser is a real legend, highly appreciated by Russian motorists. The most desirable Kruzak is the 200 Series. The car was produced from 2007 to 2021 and is still in high demand in the secondary market.

For the oldest and shabby copies today they ask from 2 million rubles - this sometimes causes bewilderment and a desire to bargain. But the owners stubbornly do not want to drop prices. So what's good about the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, why do they love this SUV and what do the owners dislike about it?

History of the model

Let's start with 1953, when the Toyota BJ was called the Land Cruiser. That car is based on a truck. Then came the 20 series body and other modifications.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – плюсы и минусы модели с пробегомThe very first Land Cruiser. Photo: Youtube.com

Later versions of the model are known in Russia, starting from the famous "seventies". As for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, it debuted in 2007 in several countries, including the US and Australia. In Europe, the SUV began to sell a little later, but the car was still doomed to popularity.

In Russia, there are models with two petrol engines of 4,0 and 4,7 liters and a diesel engine of 4,5 liters. Rarely comes across a power unit destined for the USA - this is 5.7 3UR-FE. Of the more than 1 second-hand copies on the market, there are only 000 offers with such an engine.

Almost all Toyota Land Cruiser 200s have automatic gearboxes, although the mechanics of this model were paired with a diesel engine. But in Russia there are literally a few such copies, as with a power unit of 5,7 liters, approximately.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is a classic SUV, “real”, as domestic drivers like to say.

The car has all the necessary signs of a real "rogue":

  • ? Strong frame
  • ? Permanent four-wheel drive
  • ? Solid rear axle

Only the front suspension let us down - it is independent and too gentle for severe off-road. However, there is nothing terrible in this - the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is more like an expeditionary, it is not very suitable for “rides”, if only because of the length.

The car went through two stages of restyling - in 2012 and 2015, but structurally has not changed. New engines and gearboxes appeared.

Large and reliable car. Photo: Youtube.com

The legendary SUV in Russia and the CIS is respected not only by motorists. The high cost and popularity of the model attracts car thieves. Toyota regularly updated security systems, but this did not deter criminals.

Expensive car and cheap service

Most modern SUVs can only be maintained by people who are not burdened with financial problems. Suffice it to recall Mercedes, BMW and British Range Rovers. But with Toyota, it's different - this car is surprisingly not a "vacuum cleaner for money."

And the point here is not that spare parts and consumables for Kruzak cost a penny - original Japanese-made parts cannot be like that by definition. It's just that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, like all "Corners", is famous for its reliability. Well, if the car does not break down, then it will not have to be repaired!

But for the car owner who previously operated any budget car, the cost of maintaining a Land Cruiser will still seem high. Fuel consumption for gasoline cars, changing the oil and all filters at the next maintenance can easily exceed the amount of 70 rubles.

This car will take its owner almost anywhere. Photo: Youtube.com

But on the market there are many offers for non-original parts and consumables. If you buy not frankly cheap China, you can save a lot.

But you need to make allowances for those who can afford the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. If they were able to buy a car for 2-20 million rubles, then for them spending on maintenance once a year in the region of 100 will be insignificant.

Well, for someone who has been collecting for a dream for 10 years and bought an SUV with the last money at the bottom of the market, the maintenance of this car may not be affordable. It's good that a reliable car often allows you to drive for three years without investing in repairs and even replacing consumables. Of course, sooner or later it will affect, but by then the SUV can be sold.

High cost in the secondary market

You can’t call buying a car a profitable investment, but in the case of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, you can at least save your money on resale. Unlike German and English SUVs, Kruzak is getting cheaper slowly. Many even manage to earn money - if after buying the car is not serviced, then you can drive for about a year, spending only on gasoline.

This is a full-fledged expeditionary SUV. Photo: Youtube.com

Although, selling a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is not so easy - the car is liquid, but many do not have money to buy it. And rich drivers are not interested in the model - they can afford themselves and a new Toyota.
Some "merchants" who dream of making money on resale are left without money and a car at all - do you remember how popular the Land Cruiser 200 is with hijackers?

High cross-country ability, versatility and reliability of the model

Despite its size, the Land Cruiser 200 is a full-fledged SUV. Although most owners operate cars in the city, they do not stop praising patency. Say, you can park in any weather wherever you want and conscience allows.

Of course, it’s not worth it to go into the mud on a heavy SUV, otherwise you’ll have to follow the tractor. But on the other hand, the car will reach any point where there is at least some semblance of a road. For hunters and fishermen, these properties are relevant.

They love the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 for its versatility. This car looks great both in the city and in the countryside. You can go to a business meeting and hunting - everywhere "Kruzak" will be relevant.

The trunk allows you to take everything you need with you. Photo: Youtube.com

The SUV is reliable - it embodies the concept of Toyota. Kruzak has problems, but they "do not affect the ride," as they say.

Reasons for the reliability of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200:

  • ? Structurally old engines capable of running on fuel of any quality if necessary
  • ? Trouble-free gearboxes with proper maintenance
  • ? Simple structural hodovka

On "Kruzak" you can go on a trip and no matter where, to Siberia or Africa - this car will not let you down.

Why blame the Japanese SUV

It is worth going over the shortcomings of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. If you do not take into account the popularity of the model among hijackers, then the first thing that comes to mind is weak brakes. Until the second restyling in 2015, they were negatively reviewed.

Then the situation was corrected, although after a passenger car you still need to get used to the brakes of the Kukuruzer. It is puzzling that the Japanese decided to save money on such an expensive car.

Fuel consumption on diesel Toyota Land Cruiser 200 does not cause complaints - in the city it is 15-16 liters. But gasoline units differ in appetite. Of course, fuel consumption depends on the driving style, but 25 liters in the city is considered the norm. Before buying, you need to consider this nuance.

The quality of finishing materials in the cabin does not suit many. Photo: Youtube.com

Although the Land Cruiser 200 has been produced since 2007, the interiors of these SUVs are distinguished by a primitive design. The quality of plastic and other finishing materials cause periodic complaints.

And the last thing - in terms of controllability and comfort, the Kruzak is more like a truck. This is related to its reliability. If we recall the history of the Land Cruiser series, it becomes clear that the cargo essence of the model has not gone away.
But in the interior of the SUV there is enough space in abundance, and the property of all passengers is placed in the luggage compartment.

Is it worth paying from 2 million for a used Toyota Land Cruiser 200? This should be decided by everyone for himself. The car is really reliable, but its cost in the secondary market is frankly overpriced.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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