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The dangers of car sharing - is it worth using a short-term rental service?

The dangers of car sharing - is it worth using a short-term rental service?
Modern financial instruments open up unprecedented opportunities for members of society. For example, it is not at all necessary to save for a car for many years or shoulder loan obligations. You can simply take a car into car sharing - and your personal transport is at your complete disposal! This service, however, has not only positive aspects. There has long been an opinion among car enthusiasts that it is better to stay away from such cars. After all, completely irresponsible people who believe in the car may be driving - all the consequences for them are neutralized by the insurance contract. For some, the feeling of complete impunity opens up enormous opportunities for experiments in the style: “Look what I can do!”

But decent road users who rent a car from a car sharing company may also face pitfalls. For example, undetected defects when activating contractual services automatically become your problem, and upon delivery of the car they will be compensated from your account. You can also easily drive carefully for a couple of blocks, but end up with fines for leaving your car in places where it could potentially get damaged - and any parking lot in the city is ready to become such a location. Car sharing cars are also charged for traffic violations according to a special “grid”. On his channel, Alexander Shumsky reveals in detail all the nuances of this service. If you plan to use the service, be sure to watch the entire video - the information is extremely important for you!


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