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Honda enters the market with a new sub-brand Ye EV

Honda enters the market with a new sub-brand Ye EV
Honda is going to release six new electric cars. All of them are intended for the Chinese market and will be offered as Ye EV. They promise that by the end of 2024 they will prepare two serial electric crossovers. By the way, they have already been presented, and not in renderings, but “live”.

Towards the end of 2025, the Japanese manufacturer will bring another production electric car to the market. This time it's not a crossover, but a grand tourer. It was also shown at the presentation, so far in the form of a concept. This means that the pre-production model may look different. But the general appearance must be preserved.

By 2027, the Ye EV line will be complemented by three more models. What they will be is still unknown. But the manufacturer aims to compete with the Chinese brand BYD. Accordingly, new electric cars will compete in the same class as cars from the Middle Kingdom.

Honda выходит на рынок с новым суббрендом Ye EVThe Ye P7 crossover is clearly designed for those who do not like flashy electric cars. Photo: youtube.com

The Ye brand was created specifically for the Chinese market. This is clear from the name. After all, this word is translated as “to shine.” Thus, Honda hints that it is creating a line of bestsellers that will shine in the Middle Kingdom.

By the way, the manufacturer has not yet decided whether Ye will become a separate brand. It is quite possible that electric cars will be sold as Honda. At least the cars presented have distinctive badges and nameplates.

They promise that all buyers of new electric cars will receive “the joy of driving.” The cars will also have a bright appearance and personality, standing out in traffic.

Although, judging by the presented electric cars, there is nothing outstanding in the appearance of Ye EV. Yes, they are beautiful, but Chinese brands make more interesting models.

Perhaps local drivers will be attracted by the traditional reliability of the Japanese brand. And the prices, too, will most likely be on par with their “classmates” from the Middle Kingdom. Moreover, Chinese drivers prefer foreign cars.

The first crossover is Ye P7. It is declared as the most refined and sophisticated in the line. The second crossover Ye S7 is positioned as daring and emotional.

Japanese reporters were even allowed to photograph the interiors of the new Honda Ye EV electric cars. Photo: youtube.com

The grand tourer concept is called the GT. Externally, it looks more like an elevated sports sedan, suitable for use on roads with any type of surface, including gravel.

The interiors of the new electric cars are made spacious - these cars clearly claim to be family cars. But technical specifications have not yet been disclosed. We only know that these will be uncompromising electric cars.

Honda representatives said that all models will be offered with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. In the latter case, they will receive two electric motors.


Photos used: youtube.com

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