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Moskvich-408 - this car can now be restored to factory condition

Moskvich-408 - this car can now be restored to factory condition
Soviet passenger cars are still found on the roads. Unfortunately, every year there are fewer and fewer of them. Although this may be good, because most of them have long since exhausted their resources. They are not followed, preferring to “finish off” to the end. Fortunately, recently this has been more true for AvtoVAZ models of the Soviet period. Although, some are starting to restore even the front-wheel drive Ladas of the first generation, that is, the “eight” family, not to mention the older rear-wheel drive classics. But “Muscovites” have practically disappeared. They were somehow never appreciated in Russia, and even in the 80s they already preferred Zhiguli.

But there was a time when “Muscovites” shone in the USSR. For example, the 408 model, which debuted in 1964, was the most desirable car. From the available ones, of course. Although, even against the backdrop of the then Volga, the Moskvich-408 looked much more modern. After all, GAZ changed generations only in 1968. And the new “Muscovites” turned out to be popular abroad. And to such an extent that most of the 408 produced were sent for export. Nowadays it is difficult to find such a car, and in perfect condition it is almost impossible. But sometimes restored copies are found. They will talk about this in a video on the “AUTOPANORAMA TV” channel.


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