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Chinese Sitrak C7H MAX tractor - this MAN “clone” successfully competes with KamAZ in Russia

Chinese Sitrak C7H MAX tractor - this MAN “clone” successfully competes with KamAZ in Russia
Several years ago, Chinese trucks in Russia were represented mainly by small-tonnage models. They competed with the Gazelle and various used “Koreans” and “Japanese”.

And “people's love” leaned precisely towards the latter. Firstly, they turned out to be cheaper, and secondly, the glory of brands from the Land of the Rising Sun still shines brightly on the Russian horizon.

As for truck tractors, they were imported mainly from EU countries. There are brands there that are considered class leaders. The same Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, DAF, MAN, Scania. And the domestic KamAZ has been producing quite modern truck tractors for a long time.

Китайский тягач Sitrak C7H MAX – этот «клон» MAN успешно конкурирует с КамАЗ в РоссииNow a wide selection of European tractors is only on the used market. Photo: Youtube.com

And if someone doesn’t trust the latter, guided by the principles that everything good is only foreign, but doesn’t want to overpay, they can choose MAZ. Although, KamAZ is better because it is domestic and spare parts for it are easier to get.

But after manufacturers from EU countries left our market, it became difficult for lovers of foreign vehicles to renew their fleets. And then the Chinese turned up at an opportune time. Today we will talk about the Sitrak C7H MAX tractor. This model is adapted specifically for long-term cargo transportation.

About the manufacturer

Sitrak is a fairly “young” Chinese brand. It appeared in 2012, but has already established itself in the market of heavy truck tractors. Externally and in terms of technical characteristics, cars from the Middle Kingdom are not inferior to famous European brands. Although, in terms of reliability, everything is not so rosy.

Conveyor at one of the Sitrak factories. Photo: Youtube.com

Features of Sitrak trucks:

✅ Modern factories
✅ Licensed production
✅ MAN units and components

By the way, the brand did not appear from a “clean slate”. It belongs to the Sinotruk Group, one of the leading truck manufacturers in China, state-owned, by the way. The concern's first plant was founded in 1956.

The Sitrak C7H MAX difference

The manufacturer also produces a simplified version of the tractor. It's simply called Sitrak C7H, without the "MAX". A more budget car is more suitable for relatively short trips. But you can travel on the Sitrak C7H MAX for several months. Of course, provided that the driver is willing to spend so much time in the cab.

Sitrak C7H MAX and simply Sitrak C7H. Photo: Youtube.com

The seats of a more comfortable tractor are heated, ventilated, and pneumatically controlled. The passenger seat is equipped with a special rotating mechanism.

The Sitrak C7H MAX multimedia system is more powerful and productive. The screen is larger. The sleeping area is wider. To make the driver more comfortable on the road, the parking brake and gear selector are located on the instrument panel. By the way, there is also a pull-out table.

Those who engage in long-term international cargo transportation and care about their drivers should pay extra for the Sitrak C7H MAX. However, a simplified tractor is also suitable for this. Moreover, the level of comfort in it is higher than in KamAZ and MAZ.


Externally, the Sitrak C7H MAX looks no worse than its famous competitors. Just by its design, one can immediately note the superiority of the Chinese truck over KamAZ and MAZ. Although it’s not very pleasant to admit, but outwardly, manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom have overtaken us and the Belarusians. It’s not for nothing that everyone actively cooperates with them and purchases components and assemblies of Chinese origin.

Externally, Sitrak C7H MAX is no worse than MAN. Photo: Youtube.com

The cabin is high, created under license from MAN. Moreover, this is not just a copy - it was tested for impact strength according to the ECE R29 standard.

There is a small protruding motor tunnel on the floor. However, a driver with a height of 180 cm can stand on it and straighten up completely - he still won’t reach the cabin ceiling with his head.

By the way, the Sitrak C7H MAX has two sleeping places. The second shelf is hanging - if it is not needed, you can raise it to the ceiling. The lower place is noticeably wider, and under it there is a refrigerator and a compartment for things.

There are shelves above the windshield, with doors so that nothing falls out on the road. It turns out to be almost a full-fledged home for two drivers. For Russia there is a special winter package with heated intake and AdBlue tank.

There was also room for a multimedia system in the Sitrak C7H MAX cabin. Photo: Youtube.com

However, there are also complaints. Many people, especially family crews, complain that the refrigerator is too small. The Volvo FH, for example, has a larger one, although this is a paid option.

But Sitrak C7H MAX offers the driver the ability to control lighting and heating without getting up from his bed. This will help you relax comfortably even at sub-zero temperatures “overboard”.


The motor of the Sitrak C7H MAX is also licensed. This is a copy of the MAN D20 power unit. The six-cylinder engine has a displacement of 12,4 liters and a power of 480 hp. With. Options are possible that differ slightly in these parameters.

The Sitrak C7H MAX engine is a licensed copy of the MAN D20. Photo: Youtube.com

The engine is structurally old, it was introduced in 2004. But over 20 years, the power unit has been well studied and learned to cope with its advantages and disadvantages.

Domestic motorists have not yet encountered a Chinese engine, but they will list the advantages of the “mother” MAN D20 upon request. This:

✅ Simply incredible reliability of the turbine. Often it takes care of the entire engine life
✅ The water pump, starter and generator do not cause problems at all. The main thing is not to interfere with their work, and especially not to break the nodes on purpose
✅ The cooling system is also made to last. Minimum complaints even about the pipes, not to mention the radiator

I would like to believe that all of the above can be attributed to Chinese engines - after all, they are licensed.

The MAN D20 also has disadvantages. However, they relate more to attachments and systems working in conjunction with the engine.

To tilt the cabin, you do not need to make any physical effort at all. Photo: Youtube.com

The most common problems are due to the fuel system. But these are rather questions about the quality of domestic diesel fuel. And not all drivers are responsible for maintaining a modern diesel engine.

Oil getting into antifreeze. This occurs due to the failure of the oil separator. Unfortunately, the honeycomb of its radiator does not stand the test of time and is fragile.

The cooling system sometimes suffers due to the fan clutch. It may either jam, which is not so bad, or the hitch, on the contrary, will not work. The latter is much worse - you can overheat the engine.

Rollers and drive belts usually last 400 thousand km. If the Chinese power unit has the same replacement intervals, it can be safely recommended for purchase.

The Sitrak C7H MAX frame even looks powerful and reliable. Photo: Youtube.com

And lastly, leaking oil pan gaskets and valve covers. Most likely, this is the result of unqualified interventions by would-be specialists.

Gearbox and other performance characteristics

The Sitrak C7H MAX has a 12-speed robotic gearbox. The unit is from the German manufacturer ZF Traxon series. This gearbox is known as 12TX2620 TD. In Russia it is known for its Iveco Stralis XP and DAF XF trucks.

The tanks of the Chinese tractor are aluminum. One is more than twice as large – 860 liters. The second one is more of a backup – 400 hp.

The wheel formula of the car is 4x2. The total weight of 18 tons as part of a road train is up to 38 tons. The front suspension is spring, the rear is hydraulic. Disc brakes on all wheels.

There are also such models in the Sitrak C7H MAX family. Photo: Youtube.com

The manufacturer provides an official warranty for a year or 100 thousand kilometers. And it works. By the way, full service is provided just after such a mileage.

Drivers who managed to work on the Sitrak C7H MAX note that the Chinese tractor is almost in no way inferior to its European “classmates” from more famous manufacturers. They claim that the truck from the Middle Kingdom is clearly superior to KamAZ and MAZ trucks.

As for reliability, it is too early to judge this. And they ask for the new Sitrak C7H MAX in Russia from 9 million rubles.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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