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A new Russian-made car has been presented – “Amberauto A5”

A new Russian-made car has been presented – “Amberauto A5”
The Kaliningrad automobile assembly plant Avtotor presented a new sedan with electric drive, produced in collaboration with a foreign partner under the Amberauto brand. The A5 model has passed all certification events and is optimally adapted to the difficult operating conditions in our country.

The new car received an electric synchronous motor that produces 160 hp. With. power and torque within 225 N*m. "Amberauto A5" is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 60,2 kWh. The battery capacity is enough to provide an autonomous power reserve of up to 520 km on a single charge.

Представлен новый автомобиль российского производства – «Амберавто А5»Under the hood of the Amberauto A5 is a 160-horsepower electric motor. Photo: avtotor.ru

The vehicle dimensions are as follows:

✅ length - 4,68 m
✅ width - 1,84 m
✅ height - 1,48 m
✅ wheelbase - 2,75 m

At the same time, as the manufacturer notes, the comfortable interior of the new product is an order of magnitude longer than that of “classmates” using traditional fuel.

The electric car is reportedly included in the production process localization program. In the future, the model will be equipped with gearboxes, engines, battery packs, electronic systems and other components made in Russia. They will also be released on the Avtotor platforms and, it seems, already this year.


Photos used: avtotor.ru

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