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New Russian electric train EP2DM and its prospects

New Russian electric train EP2DM and its prospects
At the beginning of 2023, a new electric train EP2DM began running on the Moscow Central Diameter (MCD). This model was developed by Russian manufacturers in response to the departure from the local market of foreign companies that had previously supplied components for a number of commuter trains.

The basis for the new product was the EP2D electric train, already well known to Russian users, produced since 2016. True, its design received a number of significant changes that made it more modern and comfortable.

Новый российский электропоезд ЭП2ДМ и его перспективыBeautiful EP2DM carriages. Photo: youtube.com

Development of the improved train began last year. More than eight dozen Russian enterprises took part in it, including the Kryukov Carriage Building and Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plants, the Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Company, and other organizations.

The joint project was successful

The development of EP2DM was carried out in a short time, and already in 2023 a prototype of the train was sent for testing. During the latter, its compliance with all technical requirements and readiness for operation was confirmed. Surprisingly, the designers did not receive a single serious comment or wish to improve any of the elements of the train.

The resulting train became an important milestone in the development of Russian railway engineering. It showed that domestic manufacturers are capable of creating modern and comfortable trains that meet all safety requirements.

In addition, EP2DM has good prospects for export. It may be of interest to both the CIS countries and other countries in Europe or Asia. After all, the new electric train is a reliable and comfortable means of transportation for passengers that meets all modern safety and environmental requirements.

The first EP2DM electric trains arrived at the MCD-4 depot in September 2023. They began running on the line from Myakinino station to Odintsovo station. In the future, it is planned to use them on other MCD routes, as well as other suburban routes in the country.

During the development process, specialists took into account both the wishes of the passengers themselves and the railway workers. The result is a weighted design that has a number of advantages over its predecessors. When assembling the cars, special attention was paid to three points:

✅ ergonomics
✅ aesthetics
✅ security

To achieve their goals, the engineers designing the train needed to make a number of changes to the basic design of the train from six years ago. The result was an experimental train consisting of three cars: two motor cars and one trailer. The total passenger capacity was 550 people. And now, perhaps, it’s worth paying attention to some positive aspects and technical features of the new train.

What new do Russian engineers offer passengers?

Everyone understands that any update aims to improve the previous design. Have you been able to achieve this goal in today's difficult conditions? Judge for yourself. The most noticeable changes (compared to the base model) include:

✅ driver's cabin
✅ buffer lights
✅ improved seats
✅ information board
✅ bike parking

The new driver's cabin has a wide windshield with an increased angle of inclination. This made it possible to improve visibility for the driver, increasing traffic safety. In addition, his workplace now looks more modern and is more aerodynamic. To give a modern appearance, the buffer lights and spotlight were reduced in size. But their brightness level did not suffer, thanks to the use of high-quality LEDs.

The new seats in the cabin have a comfortable shape and increased space between them. Separately, it is worth mentioning the improved scoreboards. They have become larger and more informative. Well, it is understandable that some passengers will want to travel with autonomous assistance. I mean the possibility of continuing the trip using your own transport.

Updated interior EP2DM. Photo: youtube.com

After all, many commuter routes pass through rural areas, where some settlements are located several kilometers from the nearest railway station. This forces their residents to take pedal assistants with them on trips. They use them to drive up to the station and return home from it.

In older designs, cyclists had to get very creative, finding space for their assistants in vestibules or hanging them on luggage racks. All this led to inconvenience for other passengers and a significant decrease in the level of passive safety. Now the issue has been resolved radically, thanks to the arrangement of stationary bicycle parking.

USB charging for smartphones. Photo: youtube.com

The head carriages are equipped with racks for bicycles to keep them in place while moving and not interfere with others. In addition, pedal technology travels in an upright position, taking up much less space.

Technical characteristics of the composition

The EP2DM electric train is designed for operation on electrified sections of railways with a track width of 1520 mm. In this case, the nominal voltage of the contact network should be 3000 V DC. The maximum operating speed is limited to 120 km/h.

Due to the fact that the electric train consists of almost 100% Russian components, dependence on imported parts is completely eliminated. And this is a very important factor for establishing serial production of the model in the future.

The upcoming target for production was also taken into account when designing the interior of the cabin. In addition to the fact that the chairs were made in a pleasant gray-orange color scheme, they also received greater ergonomics (compared to the base model). The ability to sit deeper in them and the recess in the back provide additional comfort for passengers during the trip. And the shape of the seat increases the size of the usable space in the car (about 6 centimeters have been added between the rows).

Wide opening and modern door mechanism EP2DM. Photo: youtube.com

The principle of installing chairs was thought out from the same motives. If in the main part you can see 6-seater compartments, then closer to the exits the situation changes. After all, it’s no secret that the largest concentration of people occurs right here, immediately before exiting the carriage. Therefore, 4-seat options are now installed along the edges of the cabin, allowing for a more comfortable process of boarding/disembarking from the train.

Other practical aspects have also been thought through. For example, the luggage racks were reinforced and also covered with damage-resistant paint. The windows are tinted, which will add comfort to travelers in the sunny season. And yet, the designers also took care of protection from vandals or hooligans. It is very difficult for extreme sports enthusiasts (so-called hookers) to find an opportunity to secure a seat at the head of the carriage for an external train ride. And a special coating was applied to the car bodies to prevent the graffiti from being preserved.

Further perspectives

In the future, the electric train will be able to operate with from 2 to 12 cars. Depending on this, its passenger capacity will range from 510 to 2200 people. EP2DM is quite suitable as a basis for creating new modifications that meet the needs of the Russian economy and population.

Luggage shelves. Photo: youtube.com

If desired, it is also possible to modernize it to improve performance characteristics. In particular, increasing the maximum speed or improving efficiency and environmental friendliness. Another direction is the creation of new modifications for use in difficult conditions (for example, in the Far North). One way or another, it’s too early to get ahead of ourselves, because the history of EP2DM is just beginning.


Photos used: youtube.com

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