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Motorcycle Suzuki GSX 1100G – “Jixer” in classic design

Motorcycle Suzuki GSX 1100G – “Jixer” in classic design
Classic motorcycles are popular in different countries. For some, they are a simple means of transportation, but for most lovers of two-wheeled vehicles over 40 years old, this is a return to their youth. Such bikes make you remember the old Izh and Jawa, but please with reliability and dynamics.

Realizing that choppers and cruisers are not of interest to everyone, well-known motorcycle manufacturers began to expand their line of classics. They were always produced, but were considered rather simple and inexpensive universal models.

Мотоцикл Suzuki GSX 1100G – «Джиксер» в классическом исполненииThe motorcycle looks impressive, but with a touch of nostalgia. Photo by the author

Today I will talk about the Suzuki GSX 1100G. Based on the index, it appears to be a sportbike known as the Jixer. But the model is closer to the “gangster” line. A classic, but unexpectedly with a cardan drive type. This prompted me to choose this motorcycle for myself.

Features of Suzuki GSX 1100G

Before talking about the model, you need to list its characteristic features. For those who like the motorcycle, this will help them initially decide whether to buy it or not.

Features of the model:

✅ Classic appearance
✅ Cardan drive
✅ Powerful engine with a volume of 1 cm127
✅ Air-oil cooling
✅ Dry weight about 260 kg
✅ Really big and long bike

The Suzuki GSX 1100G is unlikely to be suitable for a girl or a young beginner motorcyclist. Some people buy it as a first, because it is quite budget-friendly with the coveted volume of “more than a liter.” But only physically strong men can cope with this “beast”.

The round headlight brings to mind the classic Izh and Jawa motorcycles. Photo by the author

No, an experienced biker weighing 70-80 kg is quite capable of curbing a motorcycle, but it frightens slender beginners. When I was looking for this model, every second owner was a young guy of average build. They bought the Suzuki GSX 1100G as their first bike, coveting the price and characteristics.

Someone dropped a heavy motorcycle, and many got rid of it after the debut season, having traveled a maximum of a couple of thousand kilometers. The understanding came that we needed to start with something easier.

Since we touched on the cost, we’ll try to announce it too. The model in Russia is rarely found on the used market. The price usually varies around 200-250 thousand rubles. It can also be more expensive, but this depends on the “appetite” of the owner. I recommend taking a motorcycle for the above amount.


This is a typical classic, and an “old school” one at that. Unlike the Bandit GSF 1200, which is more of a street bike, this one is more like a Java on steroids. The motorcycle is tightly built, giving the impression of brute strength and brutality.

In the late 80s it was fashionable to lift up the mufflers like this. Photo by the author

Suzuki GSX 1100G has the “correct” proportions, familiar to Jawa lovers - the mufflers of the model are raised up. This is a typical "iron motorcycle". There is plastic, but in small quantities - on the sides under the seats and on the “tail”.

There is also a version with a massive front fairing, but this is no longer the “correct” classic. And they are rare. I haven't seen them, not even on sale. But on the forum the owner of such a modification shared photographs.

There are also “branded” cases for the GSX 1100G, but this is not about the classics at all. If you need bags, in my opinion, you should order leather ones. Although, this is already a bias towards cruisers.


This is the most important and valuable thing about this motorcycle. The engine with a volume of 1 cm127 develops 2 hp. With. Considering that the power unit from Jixer is only derated, it is distinguished by its reliability and simplicity.

The dimensions of the engine hint that the cubic capacity is impressive. Photo by the author

Air-oil cooling. If you understand, then this is a plus. After all, the motorcycle is old and relatively inexpensive. This means that the owner of the equipment will repair it himself. More precisely, he will try to do it.

Air cooling is almost no different from oil cooling. After all, the process is basically the same. It cools the cylinders not only with air, but also with oil. It circulates through special channels.

The air-oil cooling system is characterized by the presence of a radiator-heat exchanger. It is usually located in the front. As a rule, there are no fans for forced airflow.

Although, for those who like to drive classics off-road, this is another reason to upgrade the model. They attach fans to oil radiators, sometimes with automatic switching on.

The radiator-heat exchanger is usually compact. Photo by the author

Although, it seems to me, a motorcycle with air-oil cooling does not need any modifications. I don’t remember a single case where someone overheated such an engine on a Japanese bike.

But this sometimes happens with “liquid liquids”. Not because they are bad. Quite the opposite, because these are more modern engines. It's just that for older motorcycles, the simpler the better. And “older” liquid-cooled engines often have leaks from pipes, worn seals and other problems.

Other technical features

The Suzuki GSX 1100G is missing some “stars from the sky”. A simple road bike, long – 2 mm. This means that it will be convenient not only for the driver, but also for the passenger.

There are two brake discs at the front. Photo by the author

The model has a five-speed gearbox. For those who like to travel on the highway at speeds above 200 km/h, this may not seem enough. But considering that this is a classic, and there is no windshield as standard, it’s still uncomfortable to drive above 120. Although, a massive motorcycle with a low center of gravity is still stable on the track.

And of course, the main feature and plus is the cardan. For classic models, often converted from sports bikes, a chain is considered the norm. It’s difficult to remember anything on the go with such a drive other than the Suzuki GSX 1100G. The only one that comes to mind is the Yamaha BT 1100 Bulldog.

The cardan means an extra 15-20 kilograms of weight and a slight loss of dynamics. While the Suzuki Bandit 1200 with the same engine accelerates to 100 km/h in 3,3 seconds, the GSX 1100G takes 30% longer.

The cardan of this model usually outlasts an equally reliable engine. Photo by the author

But no cleaning and lubrication of the chain due to its absence. You can completely forget about the cardan for at least a season. Some people change the transmission fluid in the gearbox every two years. There are also those who don't. It seems like it should, but how many of you service the driveshaft in your car? That's it!

I changed the transmission fluid in the gearbox after purchase to reassure myself. I plan to do this once every two seasons.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Suzuki GSX 1100G received a derated engine, so it has smooth thrust in all ranges. Of course, the sporty essence has not gone away - in order to “shoot” directly from traffic lights, the engine must be turned. This is how the GSX 1100G differs from the outwardly similar classic Suzuki VX 800. Of course, it has a different engine - a V-twin with liquid cooling, but this does not change the essence.

The 22-liter gas tank is also a plus. Although, the consumption of a heavy carburetor motorcycle is not its strong point. If you drive in a quiet mode, it will be 7 liters per 100 km. But an aggressive driving style will definitely burn out the “ten”. On the highway, if you are not in a hurry, you can get by with 5 liters of gasoline. But you need to try.

Chrome and analogue dashboard – what else do you need for happiness? Photo by the author

The main disadvantage of the motorcycle is its age. I am glad that this model is rarely bought by racing fans. The Suzuki GSX 1100G is not very dynamic and simply heavy for them.

Spare parts will have to be ordered from Japan. They are expensive, but this is true for any bikes from the Land of the Rising Sun. If you want to ride as cheaply as possible, then you need to buy a Chinese motorcycle. But they break down much more often, and the cubic capacity there rarely exceeds 250 cm3.

Suzuki GSX 1100G is suitable for those who want a classic, reliable motorcycle. Despite the years, and the model was produced in the 90s, it is capable of giving joy. And many specimens look decent. You can be sure that they will not leave the roads for a long time.


Photos used: Photo by the author

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