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How to turn around in a car so as not to lose your rights

How to turn around in a car so as not to lose your rights
Drivers and pedestrians must follow the rules of the road. Ideally, this does not happen in practice. Pedestrians poorly understand how to move according to the rules, and they do not need it. Drivers drive more out of habit - if you check their knowledge of traffic rules, then the first time they pass units. Not to say that this is bad - experience decides a lot. In controversial situations, everyone is sure that they are right and are in no hurry to give way. Therefore, accidents happen. It is often better to give in than to deal with the insurance company later. Yes, they will pay you money, but restoring a car is far from the most pleasant procedure. And if the car is rare, then spare parts will also have to be ordered from abroad. A downtime of a car can take several months. Yes, and during the repair often there are nuances.

Drivers' problem is U-turns. Remember how a car traveling in the opposite direction performed such a maneuver in front of you. How much he caused negative emotions, he had to sharply press the brake pedal. And not everyone knows how to turn around correctly. The author of the Alexander Shumsky channel will tell you the nuances of the maneuver. And for the wrong turn, they will issue a fine, or even deprive the driver's license.


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Do you remember the rules of reversals?

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