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Premium Korean brand Genesis is not ready to switch to “pure” electric cars

Premium Korean brand Genesis is not ready to switch to “pure” electric cars
The press service of Hyundai said that the premium brand Genesis has so far refused to produce electric cars. The fact is that the brand's main buyers have shown a sharp decline in interest in cars without internal combustion engines.

However, they are not going to completely brush aside technological progress either. Genesis and Hyundai engineers are currently working on new hybrid car models.

The idea is clear - they are going to gradually accustom customers to electric cars. After all, a hybrid will allow you to experience the delights of models without an internal combustion engine, while simultaneously giving you the familiar dynamics of a gasoline engine. The key point here is fuel economy. After all, it’s no secret that in hybrids it can average 30-50%.

Премиальный корейский бренд Genesis не готов переходить на «чистые» электрокарыThis is what the engine of the Genesis GV70 crossover looks like, which is being prepared in a hybrid version. Photo: Youtube.com

The first cars with “makeweights” from Genesis will appear in dealer showrooms as early as 2025. Interestingly, just recently they were going to introduce a line of all-electric models at the same time.

But the economic situation is not yet in favor of cars without internal combustion engines. By working on hybrids, Genesis will solve two problems at once.

First, it will give customers exactly what they want - traditional cars. And the hybrid is rather a plus here - it not only helps save fuel, but in some cases will also add power. Conservative customers themselves will understand the advantages of such cars.

Secondly, it will help Genesis prepare for the transition to electric cars smoothly. Moreover, with hybrids the manufacturer will find himself at a fork in the road. And in 2025, focusing on the general situation on the market, he will be able to turn exactly where it will be more profitable. After all, it is far from certain that electric cars will displace cars with internal combustion engines. Moreover, in the USA everything is not as clear as in the EU countries.

And this is the Genesis G70 sedan. Photo: Youtube.com

Most likely, two hybrids will go on sale in 2025. The first is the Genesis G80 sedan. The second is the crossover model GV70. As for the power plant, it is already being developed. The basis is a 2,5 liter petrol engine.

There is also information that this hybrid engine will be used on the new generation of Hyundai Palisade crossovers. This means that the power plant will debut in 2024.

And here are the numbers that marketers of South Korean brands rely on. In the fourth quarter of 2023, they recorded a 3% increase in the popularity of hybrids. Electric cars showed degradation by 5,7%. Comments here, as they say, are unnecessary.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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