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Restoring the clutch on a Priora - all about adjusting the cable and pedal

Restoring the clutch on a Priora - all about adjusting the cable and pedal
The clutch in the VAZ Priora is a unit that ensures smooth gear changes when driving. The first VAZs used hydraulic mechanisms, but later the manufacturer abandoned them due to unreliability.

Priors are equipped with a cable drive, which is reliable in use and easy to install. But such a device has one serious drawback - the cable stretches after some time, which requires adjustment of its tension.

Causes of clutch cable breakage

The service life of this product ranges from 50 to 100 thousand kilometers on average. Depending on operating conditions and quality of materials, it may be significantly lower.

Why does the product stretch and tear:

✅ Wear and tear. The cable constantly rubs and is subjected to high loads, which leads to accelerated wear and cracks. If your area is humid and roads are frequently salted, there is a risk of corrosion.
✅ Incorrect operation. Lack of lubrication and condition control, sharp pedal squeezing, rough gear shifting - all this leads to rapid wear of the cable
✅ Mechanical damage. They lead first to stretching and then to breakage of the product. The cable may break in an accident

Wear is indicated by a number of factors, including increased pedal free play. If the cable compresses easily when squeezing, this will be the first sign of a problem. Also a “symptom” of a malfunction is creaking and noise when the clutch operates.

Восстанавливаем работу сцепления на Приоре — все о регулировке троса и педалиLocation of the Priora clutch cable in the engine compartment. Photo: YouTube.com

There are several types of cable wear. If the polymer coating wears out, the integrity of the shell is compromised, causing free play to increase. When stretched, the sensitivity and accuracy of the clutch is impaired, usually due to wear of the friction inserts. When the metal braid wears out, the cable can break completely.

Replacing the clutch

This is not the easiest task, but if you want, you can change the clutch yourself. To do this, you will need a flat-blade and Phillips-blade screwdriver, an 8-mm wrench and a mandrel.

The clutch is changed after dismantling the gearbox:

✅ Disconnect and remove the air flow sensor and air filter. This will give you access to the clutch.
✅ To dismantle, unscrew the six bolts securing the pressure shaft housing and the flywheel. The latter must be held with a screwdriver from turning. The bolts are unscrewed evenly
✅ If the old pressure plate does not change, you need to note the position of its housing in relation to the flywheel. The new device is installed in a similar position. The driven disk must be held so that it does not fall out of the casing.
✅ Remove the pressure shaft along with the casing. After this you can remove the driven disk
✅ Installation of a new clutch must begin with the installation of the driven shaft. The pressure plate housing is placed on the centering pins, after which the bolts securing the housing are tightened
✅ The screws that secure the mechanism on the flywheel are tightened gradually. The tightening torque is 19,1-30,9 Nm. Lock the flywheel in one position to prevent it from spinning

After this, the gearbox can be put in place. The lower end of the drive cable is fixed.

When should adjustments be made?

In Priors with a 16-valve internal combustion engine, the condition of the part should be checked during each inspection. This will allow you to determine the sprain in a timely manner.

The cable travel when the pedal is depressed is marked in red. Photo: YouTube.com

Adjustment and tightening are performed in the following cases:

✅ clutch pedal sags
✅ engine thrust has dropped, which is due to a poor connection between the flywheel and the disk
✅ there were problems with switching speeds
✅ when the clutch is depressed, noises are heard that are not typical for the system functioning in normal mode

The design of products with automatic tension differs from classic tips that are fixed on the pedal. The rest of the cable structure is similar. Products with a tip have been used on Priors since 2007. Subsequently, the manufacturer began installing them on Vestas, Grants, Kalinas and Nivas.

Adjusting the cable and pedal yourself

You can complete this task yourself. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the actions described in the instructions.

Adjusting the cable yourself:

✅ Open the hood of the Lada Priora. First you need to find the air flow meter. You need to disconnect the block with the power wires from it and dismantle the device. Also unscrew the bolts and disconnect the fasteners securing the air filter. This way you will have access to the product. At its end you can see a plastic retainer
✅ Before setting up, the cable is set to its initial position. To do this, move the mount slightly forward until it stops. When fixing the clamp, apply force to overcome the spring resistance
✅ Pull the cable towards you. You need to measure the distance between the mount and the fork; for this you will need a ruler. Optimally it should be in the range of 25-27 mm. If it goes beyond these values, the tip rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. Check the result again, and if everything is correct, fix the cable on the fork
✅ Now you need to get behind the wheel and squeeze the clutch 3-5 times. After this, the distance is measured again. If all is well, the tip is inserted into the groove of the fork. Thanks to the spring there will be no backlash

Upon completion, all parts, including the air filter and flow meter, are put into place. You can check the distance between the fork and the mount again. The pedal may need to be adjusted if the engine stalls when the pedal is released. This indicates a lack of free play.

Measuring the travel distance of the clutch pedal. Photo: YouTube.com

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

✅ Loosen the nut to adjust. It is located at the end of the cable located under the hood. Use a wrench to turn it a few turns counterclockwise.
✅ There, on the bracket, you can see another nut. If you twist it, you will change the distance and travel of the pedal. Upon completion of the adjustment, the first nut must be tightened back
✅ Check the clutch pedal travel with a ruler or tape measure. Ideally it should be from 125 to 135 mm

Sit behind the wheel and depress the clutch pedal several times, then check the free play again. If it turns out to be much higher or lower, the system will not work correctly. The basket wears out faster, so you need to keep the brake and clutch pedals at approximately the same level.

How to choose a clutch cable on a Priora?

If the product is worn out, the best option would be to replace it. To do this, you need to choose the right cable, so you should initially pay attention to its material. Steel products last longer than aluminum products. Find out which manufacturers offer their products on the market, read reviews about them.

The cost of a clutch cable on Yandex Market. Photo: YouTube.com

You also need to decide on the type of product. Prioras can be equipped with single, double or semi-automatic cables. The first ones are considered the most reliable and common.

The cost of adjustment depends on the region and the service station itself. On average, technicians charge about 1500-2000 rubles for setting up the clutch. You can save money and do everything yourself, because in general this procedure is not complicated.


Photos used: youtube.com, market.yandex.ru

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