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The updated Lexus LS began to be sold in China - for this market it is twice as expensive

The updated Lexus LS began to be sold in China - for this market it is twice as expensive
Chinese Lexus dealers began offering customers the updated latest generation LS sedans. There was no official presentation - the model simply appeared in showrooms and catalogs.

The price is impressive, especially for China, where cars are cheap. For a Lexus LS in the basic configuration they ask from 123,7 thousand dollars (almost 11 million rubles). But for this amount the car will receive premium equipment, including an active noise reduction system. It’s inconvenient to even talk about the presence of such “little things” as heating and ventilation of all seats, because this is a Lexus.

The Lexus LS power plant has no alternative. This is a hybrid based on a gasoline engine with a volume of 3,5 liters and a power of 299 hp. With. It is paired with an electric motor producing 178 horsepower. Accordingly, the car produces a total of 359 hp. With.

Обновленный Lexus LS начали продавать в Китае – для этого рынка он вдвое дорожеThe characteristic design features of the model are preserved. Photo: mydrivers.com

By the way, V6 engines are not entirely typical for China. This once again emphasizes that the new Lexus LS is a car for the elite.

As a result of the updates, the car received a digital dashboard. This is a revolutionary solution for Lexus LS. After all, the model has always had a classic tidy. By the way, some conservative clients in China are already grumbling about this.

Lexus designers also improved the suspension, making them more comfortable. Plus, the car received a number of additional active driver assistance systems.


Photos used: mydrivers.com

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