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The Chinese brand Haima returned to Russia with a budget minivan

The Chinese brand Haima returned to Russia with a budget minivan
Haima has begun deliveries of 7X minivans to the showrooms of its official dealers in Russia. This was not announced in the media, but the cars had already been photographed in several showrooms. It turns out that sales will start soon.

Prices for the cars are still unknown. They promise that in addition to the Haima 7X minivans, dealers will also begin selling 8S crossovers. The engines for models in Russia will have no alternative. These are turbo-petrol power units with a volume of 1,6 liters and 195 liters. With. They are paired with an automatic transmission.

By the way, in China, cars can be purchased with a less powerful engine. This is a 1,5-liter turbocharged engine with 165 horsepower. But this power unit is unlikely to make it to Russia.

Китайский бренд Haima вернулся в Россию с бюджетным минивэномThe icon looks like a UAZ. Photo: Youtube.com

Haima cars have only front-wheel drive. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a minivan or a crossover.

By the way, in China the Haima 7X is also offered in an electric version. There is one engine located on the front axle. It develops 204 hp. With. But so far nothing is known about the appearance of this modification in Russia.

In China, the Haima 7X minivan is considered a budget car. It costs about 1,5 million rubles there. Moreover, the model is three-row and has a sufficient number of options.

Chinese drivers have already tested the new product and shared their opinions on various resources. They note that the car has enough power, especially with the 1,6 liter engine. At the same time, the model is economical - fuel consumption, even in the city, does not exceed 10 liters per 100 km.

They complain about the size of the luggage compartment, where, with the third row folded down, you can only put a couple of bags of groceries. But the interior is being transformed. If you fold down all the seats in the second and third rows, a 400-liter refrigerator will fit inside.

They note that the third row is full-size, making it comfortable for adults, not just children. The engine paired with the gearbox works smoothly - shifts are always on point, no hesitation.

Big and looks good. Photo: Youtube.com

But many people don't like the build quality. She is frankly “Chinese”. If compared with Geely, this brand will definitely win. However, the price category is higher.

But the Haima 7X has high, almost crossover ground clearance. The suspension does not break on uneven surfaces, so the car is suitable for constant use in rural areas. This is more than relevant for Russia.

Apparently, for this reason, the brand did not open dealership centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. His niche is the province.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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