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The updated Il-76MD-90A was shown from the inside

The updated Il-76MD-90A was shown from the inside
The United Aircraft Corporation decided to “declassify” a little the internal component of the Il-76MD-90A heavy transport aircraft by publishing several photographs.

Thanks to this, it became known that the deeply modernized IL-76 model received a modern loading and unloading complex. It can withstand up to 10 tons of cargo and does not require additional human participation. In addition, it is controlled using a special wireless remote control.

"Glass cockpit" of the domestic Il-76MD-90A. Photo: @uac

In addition, the company paid attention to the new instrument panel of the domestic aircraft. Its flight will be controlled through the so-called “glass cockpit”. This is a modernized system in which analog sensors are replaced by digital displays and all the necessary information is displayed on them. This makes navigation much easier.

Let us remind you that the updated version is assembled from Russian components. She received a new engine and a reinforced chassis. Not so long ago we wrote that the first good landing onto an unprepared runway.


Photos used: www.youtube.com, @uac

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