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Soviet GAZ trucks “got into a puddle” or the Belarus tractor is still better

Soviet GAZ trucks “got into a puddle” or the Belarus tractor is still better
Off-road drivers can be divided into three categories. The first is when they try not to get into the mud, they go around it in every possible way. And if the road ends in a large puddle, drivers are better off turning around to look for another way. The second category is those who believe in the skills and capabilities of the car. As a rule, they bravely tackle the mud, especially if they drive crossovers. But the capabilities are often overestimated; cars often remain in puddles and wait until the self-confident owner runs off to get a tractor.

But Soviet trucks were distinguished by high maneuverability. Even now they are bought by those who like to make their way along forest and field roads, and even along directions. The problem is that with equipment from the USSR, the skills of experienced drivers are not transferred to new owners. Therefore, you can often observe a picture when the canonical GAZ-66 is not able to get out of a puddle. He's simply stuck there and stalling. And then they complain that the car doesn’t drive, the original engine is weak. Of course, a diesel engine is better, but even with a factory engine you can conquer off-road conditions. You just need to know how to do it correctly. And what happens when drivers are too self-confident can be seen on the OFFROADER channel. The guys managed to “land” the GAZ-66 in a puddle so much that it took two whole tractors to save it. And in the video there is a strange “mutant” in which the features of the GAZ-53 can be guessed.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

It turns out that the GAZ-66 is not an off-road vehicle?

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