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A stylish pickup truck from Foton has appeared in Russia - outwardly it is a copy of the Ford F-150

A stylish pickup truck from Foton has appeared in Russia - outwardly it is a copy of the Ford F-150
One of the Russian car dealerships offers to purchase an interesting pickup truck from Foton. This is a Mars 7 model. The car is completely new - no mileage at all. They are asking 4,35 million rubles for an SUV.

The buyer will receive a large frame pickup truck with a body length of almost 5,8 meters. The car is five-seater, respectively, two-row.

By the way, Foton officially sells its cars in Russia. But there is no new model, Mars 7, in our country. It is possible that it will appear later, but for now only parallel import.

В России появился стильный пикап от Foton – внешне это копия Ford F-150The interior design resembles business class. Photo: Youtube.com

Foton Mars 7 is the “junior” model in the corresponding line. This car is similar in appearance to the sports modifications of the Ford F-150. There is a more expensive Foton Mars 9 on the same platform, but technically identical. This pickup was created with the Ram 1500 in mind.

Judging by Russian standards, Foton Mars 7 seems huge. But by US standards, Chinese pickups do not reach the full size format even in the extended version.

But this is a full-fledged SUV. The platform is based on a powerful frame. Even taking into account the “floating” quality of Chinese metal, it will rot for at least 10 years before through corrosion.

The pickup's suspension is simple - double wishbones and springs at the front, a continuous axle on springs at the rear. In general, smooth running is not the case with Foton Mars 7. The vehicle’s load capacity is up to a ton. The total weight is up to 3,2 tons, so the model is definitely considered a passenger car according to our legislation.

The engine of Foton Mars 7 has no alternative. This is a simple turbocharged diesel with a volume of 2,0 liters. It produces 163 hp. With. Despite its aggressive appearance, the pickup is far from sporty. Technically this is a simple work car. The only thing that stands out from the overall picture is the automatic eight-speed transmission from ZF.

But the car is economical for a pickup truck. But you shouldn’t drive on the highway at speeds over 90 km/h - fuel consumption will immediately increase. This is a tall and heavy SUV - it has windage and a low aerodynamic coefficient.

In China, by the way, Foton Mars 7 is also offered with a manual transmission, but they decided not to bring such cars to Russia. Although, in theory, you can order a car in this configuration.

The appearance, of course, is “bomb”. Photo: Youtube.com

A 48-volt starter-generator also helps save fuel. It turns out that the pickup truck is a mild hybrid.

The manufacturer promises to release Foton Mars 7 with a more powerful 2,5-liter diesel engine. A full-fledged rechargeable hybrid will also appear in the range.

It is unlikely that cars will be in high demand in our country. These are pickups, and the price is far from budget.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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