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Jetour Dashing: don’t be reckless...

Jetour Dashing: don’t be reckless...
Inexhaustible in invention, creative, hardworking, painstaking Chinese. Where it just arose, they are right there. They’ll take a look, copy it, write it off, and then go back to the Celestial Empire. They will create the same, similar, copy, replica, analogue. The product will be given its own name, and you can guess who it resembles...

And here’s a surprise, a deviation from the rules – Jetour Dashing. In Russian and by syllables: “Je-tur Da-shing.” It's crazy for our sluggish tongue, not honey and butter, but you need to get used to it. At the beginning of summer, the first cars of the brand arrived to the officials. Knowing the Chinese, we can safely assume that the market will soon be overwhelmed.

Jetour Dashing: what kind of car

Less than six months have passed since Russian pioneers dared to get behind the wheel of a mid-size crossover. So far everything portends the success of the model, so remember, gentlemen: “Je-tur Da-shing.” Repeat more often to clearly answer the car inspectors who stop the new car at every checkpoint to ask what kind of car it is?

Jetour Dashing: не буди лихо… Jetour Dashing is still an infrequent guest on our roads. Photo: YouTube.com

Yes, before we forget: Dashing translates as “dashing.” But this is the name of a division of Chery. Although “Chery” does not deny it, she fusses, averts her eyes, and pretends that “Dashing” is on his own. However, it does not deny the close unification in technical equipment with Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, Exeed LX and Omoda C5.

Why hide it if we have long ago accepted the Chery nameplate as our own. The Chinese auto giant is not many years old – it was founded in 1997. But he managed to loudly declare himself: export to 40 countries of the world, production sites, like mushrooms, in different countries. They even assembled cars here at Avtotor. Who would be surprised by the number of “daughters”?

The Dashing (Dashing) brand was born in the depths of the Chery company in 2018. And the manufacturer made up the name of the model Jetour from a combination of the English words JET (“jet plane”) and TOUR (“travel”). So, it turns out that the Celestial Empire is promising us a dashing journey on a jet plane? Strongly!

Jetour Dashing: what awaits the user

In compensation for the “broken tongue,” the manufacturer gave the name perfect beauty, a unique, stunning design. There is nothing to complain about: admire and enjoy the athlete’s lean torso, the original radiator grille, two-tier optics, and the bold stroke of the head lights.

Monumental Jetour Dashing front end. Photo: YouTube.com

The door handles are made flush with the panel. But when you press the buttons on the key, they act like switchblades: they turn and open slightly. This is a direct reference to the “celestial” – Jaguar F-Type.

Weight and dimensions of the 5-door hatchback model:

✅ Length - 4590 mm
✅ Width –1900 mm
✅ Height - 1685 mm
✅ Between bridges – 2720 mm
✅ Curb weight - 1655 kg
✅ Practical trunk volume – 486 l, with rear seats folded – 977 l

The tank holds 57 liters of fuel, load capacity is 300 kg. The color palette of the bodies is pleasingly diverse. You can choose from seven shades, including the unusual “vanilla blue” and “silk red”. Discreet gray is also present. But what’s upsetting is that the plant provides a guarantee for paintwork and through corrosion for only three years or 60 thousand kilometers. Modestly, however, and suspiciously.

Let's add hatch maintenance after 10 thousand km to the list of minor sorrows. You won't have much fun: look at the speedometer more often. The device, however, still needs to be found. But more about the ergonomics of the parprise below.

Jetour Dashing ground clearance 16 cm. Photo: YouTube.com

The ground clearance looks high. In fact - 160 mm. In the front overhang, the ground clearance is limited by the plastic casing of the engine trays and gearbox, and between the axles - by the exhaust tract elements. Therefore, it is not worth testing the car off-road, warn those who dare to drive through muddy fields, soft and loose surfaces.

Ideal conditions for the “Chinese” are country forced marches without fuss on the highway. Of the off-road functions, you can only scrape together a couple: traction control and a hill descent assist system.

In the Jetur Dashing salon

If the Chinese worked on the exterior of the car with scope and soul, then inside they were reckless and clever. The salon leaves an ambivalent feeling.

The interior of the Jetour Dashing is beautifully lit. Photo: YouTube.com

At first you see the large internal volume and simplicity of decoration. Nothing in common with related brands. Take the wheelbase: increased by half a meter in comparison with the darling Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. Of course, there is enough space; tall passengers do not need to worry about their knees. This is the market advantage of the model.

But the simplicity is apparent. You look at the “floating” console and are happy: at the back there is a flat floor without a tunnel. Then you wonder where the controls on the console went? And they en masse, including the gearshift lever, moved to the steering column and a large remote screen. You will find the box selector in the place of the steering column paddle, which you used to control the light in other cars.

There are complaints about the tablet. The dimensions are, however, good: 12,8 inches in the base version, 15,6 in the top version. Installed fashionably, like a TV on the wall, rather than integrated into the central panel. But the Chinese saved money on the gadget: it glares, the image quality is low, and some functions are not clickable.

Glare multimedia screen Jetour Dashing size 15,6 inches. Photo: YouTube.com

The screen is not turned towards the owner, it is not concave, as if it was not created for the driver. The pictograms are drawn disproportionately and grouped ill-considered; the most important indicators for the driver do not attract attention.

Finding the necessary information is problematic. As well as activating additional functions. The translation on the touchscreen is unsuccessful and clumsy in places. But we, in principle, have long learned to guess and think out things. “Transmission of infection” in relation to the gearbox is no longer confusing: apparently, “transmission of power” was meant.

Other ergonomic oddities of Jetour Dashing

You need to understand the knobs, joysticks and arrows. Sometimes smart people are forced to call the dealer to, for example, learn how to operate adjustable rear view mirrors or climate control. The display includes heating of the rear window and sofa, control of optics, and selection of driving modes.

In the first three months, 5 thousand units of Jetour Dashing were sold in Russia. Photo: YouTube.com

All-round cameras work great, but the image on the screen spoils everything. The instrument panel is electronic. Data on speed, temperature and engine speed, fuel reserves are displayed on a tiny monitor behind the steering wheel. You won’t immediately understand which indicator relates to what. However, you can get used to it.

What I would like to reprimand the developers for is that the electromechanical parking brake button was hidden under the driver’s left hand in the “blind” zone. Look for her, find her. The emergency warning button is the only thing that is placed logically, within the driver’s field of vision and reach. There is a button on the console.

Motors and taxiing

There are many oddities and peculiarities, there is no point in listing them. The word “stupid” does not ring a bell with users who have tried the machine in action. But “woe from mind” is heard. The Chinese overdid it, they overloaded not the device with functions, but the controls. Car sharing will cry. There are, as always, opposing opinions: everything in the car is comfortable, it’s just unusual.

What is undeniable is the beauty of Jetour Dashing. Photo: YouTube.com

The engines were strong: a 1,5-liter 147-horsepower unit combined with a 6DCT and 1,6Turbo automatic transmission, paired with a 7DCT transmission. The prices are reasonable in relation to the technical characteristics: for the younger version they ask for 2 rubles, the older one costs 439 rubles. Not a trifle, so drivers have the right to grumble about ill-conceived ergonomics.

The parameters of the top-end engine are worthy of the daring appearance of the Jetur Dashing:

✅ Volume - 1598 cm3
✅ Power - 190 liters. With. at 5,5 thousand rpm
✅ Torque – 275 N*m in the range of 2,0-4,0 thousand rpm
✅ Accelerating dynamics – 10,5 seconds to the first “hundred”
✅ Fuel consumption in the combined cycle – 8,4 l/100 km

The inline “four” is located longitudinally at the front. Front-wheel drive, they don't promise all-wheel drive. The all-round independent suspension has a MacPherson strut at the front and a multi-link spring design at the rear. The brakes are disc, ventilated at the front. The acoustic background in the car is excellent.

Engine compartment of Jetour Dashing. Photo: YouTube.com

Drivers attribute the kickback to the steering wheel when driving over sun loungers and other obstacles to the tires. All-season stock tires size 235/55 R19, they claim, won the competition for the worst products. When purchasing a “Dashing”, it is advised to budget for a couple of hundred thousand for two sets of tires.

What can we attribute the diagonal swing in turns to? Appears periodically. A series of small holes, rails at crossings, the suspension mechanism does not always work. Can not get in time. Relaxed, low-energy suspension – there’s nothing more to sin about. You can easily get a rough blow, and at any speed.

There is no need to shout “guard”: the car holds its trajectory confidently. But the driver is tense. Concluding the Jetour Dashing review, we decided not to make bad/good lists or make recommendations to potential buyers. The cars are just being run-in and have reached their zero or first maintenance. So, let’s wait and see if it’s worth waking up dashingly...


Photos used: youtube.com

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