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LADA Aura is the crown of the domestic automobile industry, which is a little embarrassing

LADA Aura is the crown of the domestic automobile industry, which is a little embarrassing
AvtoVAZ has been trying to create a business class model for decades. This has to be done from what is available. And in the range of the domestic manufacturer there are mainly sedans and hatchbacks of the compact class, also known as the C-segment.

But somewhere in the air there was an idea to transfer the majority of officials to the domestic auto industry. They say that under the USSR they drove Volgas and did not complain. The Gorky plant has not produced passenger cars for a long time. AvtoVAZ remains - it periodically pleases the country with interesting experimental models.

The latest development of the domestic automobile industry, intended for officials, is the LADA Aura. The car is not yet in mass production, but they promise that someday the model will fill the service parks of ministries and departments.

LADA Aura – венец отечественного автопрома, за который слегка стыдноFrom the front, the car is no different from the Lada Vesta. Photo: Youtube.com

LADA Aura was first officially presented in June 2023. The car attracted general interest, although it differed from the Lada Vesta only in its wheelbase extended by 250 mm. This is the car we will talk about today.


Few people remember, but extended VAZ models began to appear back in the 90s. The first was the LADA Amadeo 500, created in 1994. It was an ordinary VAZ-21099, which was increased by half a meter.

The engine has also been modified. The VAZ-21083 engine received valves of increased diameter. The piston connecting rods were lengthened, plus a new carburetor was installed. As a result, the base power increased from 73 to 88 hp. With.

And in those years, rally VAZ-21106 were produced, but that’s another story. Photo: Youtube.com

In the future, when the car begins to be mass-produced, it was planned to install an engine with 110 horsepower. Apparently, there have already been developments in this direction.

But the market did not accept the LADA Amadeo 500. The car looked ridiculous, and its estimated cost was set at a fantastic 20-25 thousand dollars.

In 1997, they created a similar car on the Tens chassis. This is a VAZ-21109 “Consul”. The model has already been lengthened by 650 mm. Installed in the cabin:

✅ Folding tables
✅ Refrigerator
✅ TV
✅ Minibar

The car also did not go into production. How much it could cost is unknown, but it is clearly more expensive than the Amadeo 500.

In 1999, the VAZ 21108 Premier appeared. The manufacturer realized that its niche was still a budget one and simply lengthened the “Ten” by 175 mm. These cars were already produced in small series.

LADA Priora Premier. Photo: Youtube.com

AvtoVAZ considered the model to be successful. Therefore, after the departure of the “tenth” family, the “Premier” appeared on the chassis of the Lada Priora. This was in 2007.

LADA Vesta Signature is almost Aura. Only the car, which appeared in 2016, was built to demonstrate the manufacturer’s capabilities. By the way, the then director of AvtoVAZ, Boo Anderson, drove one of the prototypes to work.

And now let’s move on to the hero of our article – LADA Aura. This car is designed with the future in mind. The model could become the new Volga, although, given previous experience, officials are not eager to switch to the domestic auto industry.


LADA Aura looks harmonious, oddly enough. Although, the essence of “Vesta” sticks out from all sides. The front and back of the model are no different at all, except that there is a specific nameplate on the stern.

The length of the car is 4,69 meters. In the Lada Vesta this parameter is 28 cm smaller. By the way, this space is given over to the rear passengers.

The car presented to the audience is black. Rear windows are tinted, alloy wheels. So the car looks stylish.

At least there is a corresponding nameplate on the back. Photo: Youtube.com

By the way, the ground clearance is impressive – 178 mm. Not a dirt conqueror, of course, but on par with a number of foreign-made crossovers. In general, you can safely drive not only on federal highways and in the city, but also look into the village even during muddy times.


Realizing that AvtoVAZ cars are still far from reaching the premium segment, the manufacturer decided not to be particularly zealous in finishing. Moreover, this will seriously increase the cost of the model when it goes into production.

But the interior is still leather. The material is still artificial, but in the future they promise it will be natural. Five people can comfortably fit inside. It will be most comfortable on the back “sofa”. In principle, this is what everything was designed for. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of a central armrest with cup holders.

The front seats have lateral support. It is not very developed, but should hold the driver and passengers during sharp maneuvers.

There is really a lot of space in the second row. Photo: Youtube.com

The trunk is clearly not the strongest point of the LADA Aura. Although the manufacturer did not provide exact data on displacement, it is clear that it is less than that of Vesta. Nothing strange - the car is made for comfortable transportation of passengers. Loads are not for him. The rear sofa does not fold down and it is not possible to increase the trunk volume using it. There is not even a hatch for long items.

The main advantages of the model:

✅ Appearance turned out harmonious
✅ Space for second row passengers
✅ Maximum equipment for a car built on the Lada Vesta chassis

Aura can hardly count on “explosive” sales, because the cost of the car is expected to be around 2,5-3 million rubles. But if the model is still purchased by officials, it will be a success for the manufacturer.

Technical features

There is nothing revolutionary in the design of the LADA Aura. It almost completely repeats the basic “Vesta”. Only some of the body elements are different. The latter, by the way, were done by hand. Nobody will order new stamps for several prototype cars.

It feels like the tablet was just hung here. Photo: Youtube.com

The platform on which the model is made is LADA B/C. The front suspension of the car is independent, with MacPherson struts. The rear has a torsion beam. All-wheel disc brakes, electric power steering. Front-wheel drive, like the Lada Vesta.

Under the hood of the car is the most powerful production engine available to AvtoVAZ. This is a power unit with a volume of 1,8 liters and 122 liters. With. The engine is naturally aspirated, modified.

Paired with the engine is a Chinese CVT gearbox. There are no details about it, but it is possible that this particular gearbox will appear on the LADA Vesta. However, you can put anything you want on prototypes.

The car can accelerate to 100 km/h in 11 seconds. It's not very impressive, but it's not a sports car. The task of the car is to comfortably transport passengers and it copes with this.

The maximum speed is stated at 185 km/h. Average fuel consumption is about 7,5 liters of gasoline.

Why is it a little embarrassing to have a new car?

The current head of AvtoVAZ once officially stated that the Lada Aura is the best ever created by a domestic manufacturer. They say it’s a full-fledged business class sedan.

It sounds pretentious, but if you look at it, what we have in front of us is a stretched Lada Vesta in a “top” configuration. The seats have artificial leather covers, and under the hood there is a simple naturally aspirated 1,8-liter engine.

And what is business class? In terms of technical characteristics, and also in terms of equipment, the LADA Aura is at most average. And the car was made almost by hand. Any sedan can be lengthened in this way at a third-party service station that does body work.

For a business class, such an engine is frankly weak. Photo: Youtube.com

Is it a CVT gearbox? So it is not of its own production, but Chinese. This is also nothing to be proud of.

It is unlikely that ordinary Russian drivers will buy the car - it will definitely cost more than 2 million rubles. Unless the car will become a purchasing hit for mid-ranking regional officials. But here again there is nothing to be proud of - this will be a state program.

And it’s not a fact that the model will eventually go into production. Where to get the necessary body stamps is a big question. No one produces them in our country. Unless the Chinese help...


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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