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Unique transport - by land and water, unlike everyone else

Unique transport - by land and water, unlike everyone else
Isn’t driving like everyone else the dream of a true vehicle lover? The video from the TechFreeze channel features just such machines that make you turn around to take a closer look at the unprecedented “miracle.” As a rule, “it” exists in a single copy. Here is a technique slowly moving along the ground: nothing strange. Then - on snow, ice, and, finally, water! Inside the amazing self-propelled gun there is a drill for making holes, and on top there is an awning in the form of a house! An ideal find for fishing lovers in winter and summer.

Today you won’t surprise anyone with an amphibious all-terrain vehicle or a floating jeep, but what do you think of a skateboard on ... an air cushion? Pumped up my leg and went! If you need to transport several boxes, then this thing can be controlled remotely. Walk next to you, and she herself is carrying a heavy load. Here's another rubber boat option for fishermen: forget about roof racks and expensive trailers! The watercraft is collapsible and easily fits inside the car along with the oars. Tired of rowing with your hands? You can do it with your feet, using pedals specially adapted for this purpose. And again a skateboard, but now on tracks - a super-mini all-terrain vehicle that will drive through any obstacles, through snow, thicket and even railway sleepers! And if you want to learn about more powerful and unusual means of transportation that are not found on public roads, watch the video!


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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