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Electric BMW i3 of the latest generation can already be bought in Russia

Electric BMW i3 of the latest generation can already be bought in Russia
Russian dealers have begun to actively offer BMW i3 sedans to their customers. These are not the usual compact hatchbacks of the previous generation. The new model was created specifically for the Chinese market.

Accordingly, now no one is stopping car dealership owners from bringing new cars under the parallel import program. Electric cars are available both completely new and with low mileage. They are asking for the latter from 4,45 million rubles. But for copies with the coveted zero on the tachometer you will have to pay at least 6,79 million.

The electric “Troika” from the famous German brand is generally specific. It is created on the chassis of an extended car, which is sold only on the Chinese market. They like bigger cars, but it would be better if they were offered cheaper. Therefore, “Troikas” and “Fives” of the Long type are produced for residents of the Middle Kingdom.

Электрические BMW i3 последнего поколения уже можно купить в РоссииThere is nothing Chinese about this car. Photo: Youtube.com

New cars offered in Russia are all 40L versions. They are equipped with engines with a power of 340 hp. With. The motors are installed on the rear axle, the drive is appropriate.

Among the used examples there is also a BMW i3 35L. Their engine, located on the rear axle, develops 286 hp. With.

It is believed that the Chinese electric “Troika” was created based on the Vision Neue Klasse prototype. In EU countries, the new production BMW 3 will appear only in 2025. Of course, it will be electric.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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