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The new Geely Atlas for Russia is different from cars for the Chinese market

The new Geely Atlas for Russia is different from cars for the Chinese market
The new generation Geely Atlas, which Russian dealers have already received, differs from the models for the Chinese market. Judging by photos of the interior taken by potential customers, the car is similar to the version for Kazakhstan.

One can only guess - the Chinese will supply us with the same cars as in the southern country, or some others adapted for the northern climate. After all, it is difficult to make a model adapted to different temperature conditions.

But the new Geely Atlas has nothing in common with our well-known Atlas Pro. The “fresh” crossover is created on the CMA platform – this “trolley” was developed by Volvo specialists. But for the Geely Atlas Pro, the original chassis is used - Geely NL.

Новый Geely Atlas для России отличается от автомобилей для китайского рынкаThe crossover looks brutal. Photo: Youtube.com

The main difference from the Chinese version of the new Atlas is the traditional shape of the steering wheel. There are no sports steering wheels, everything is like the Geely Monjaro. This is the right decision for the Russian market. Our drivers generally do not like any drastic changes in car interiors.

There are no technical features about the “Russian” Geely Atlas. Dealers of the brand should know them, but for now they keep the intrigue. However, it’s easy to guess that the car’s performance characteristics will most likely be similar to the version for Kazakhstan.

And there the crossover is offered with two engines. All of them are petrol and turbocharged. As standard, the cars are equipped with 1,5-liter engines producing 174 hp. With. If you want to move dynamically, you can order a version with a 2,0 liter power unit. for 218 “horses”.

There are no alternative gearboxes – these are seven-speed “robots”. But even cars in the “top” configuration do not have all-wheel drive.

The basic Geely Atlas accelerates to 100 km/h in 9,7 seconds. If there is a two-liter engine under the hood, then this parameter will already be 8,2 seconds. The average fuel consumption of even the most powerful crossover is pleasing. This is 7,4 liters of gasoline per 100 km. Although, knowing the love of overestimation of Chinese manufacturers, it is worth preparing for at least a dozen in the city.

Engines are only turbocharged. Photo: Youtube.com

In Kazakhstan, the new generation Geely Atlas is offered in three trim levels. Most likely, nothing will change in this regard in Russia. In the “top” version, the model has heated front seats and ventilation.

It is possible to order an additional Exclusive package. It includes a black roof, new alloy wheels and illuminated emblems front and rear.

All that remains is to wait for the start of sales of Geely Atlas in Russia.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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