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Swift Basecamp Evo 2024 – a conceptual solution for a new generation of campervans

Swift Basecamp Evo 2024 – a conceptual solution for a new generation of campervans
The trend over the past few years has continued as the auto industry and those in power continue to push for electric, greener cars. Against this backdrop, it seems that the motorhome industry has also decided to keep up. Not long ago, the British company Swift presented its innovative development - the all-electric Basecamp Evo.

True, at the moment this camper is not a production model. The decision to launch mass production will be made based on an analysis of market interest in the functional concept presented at NEC Show 2023.

The main advantage

The new product is based on the company's flagship model Basecamp 2 and offers two berths, as well as all the amenities of a small caravan. Having retained the layout and main characteristics of its predecessor, this motorhome has the main advantage - it runs exclusively on electricity. The main source of energy is solar panels installed on the roof.

Swift Basecamp Evo 2024 – концептуальное решение для автокемперов нового поколенияSwift Basecamp Evo inverter station. Photo: YouTube.com

The Evo is a 5,1 meter long single axle lightweight trailer. It has an aerodynamic shape, thanks to which many users note its resemblance to small teardrop trailers. The model's curb weight is about 1000 kg, of which about 100 kg is pulled by 6 kW batteries installed in the front compartment.

920 W solar panels are installed on the roof and rear of the trailer. In addition, this camper provides an alternative in the form of a 3 kW inverter.


The layout of this compact RV includes a small bedroom with a dining area and overhead storage in the form of removable zippered bags. The small galley, equipped with electrical appliances, includes an air fryer, microwave and small sink.

In Swift Basecamp Evo: ascetic but comfortable. Photo: YouTube.com

On the opposite side there is a spacious wardrobe and a small bathroom. In it, the manufacturer even provided such a “working” option as collecting rainwater in a 10-liter tank. And it already feeds the toilet flush tank. An excellent solution for saving drinking supplies, however, the weather must be appropriate.

In the fight for the environment

Another advantage of the Swift Basecamp Evo is the fact that in its manufacture the manufacturer tried to use recycled materials as much as possible, including plastic bottles. Moreover, they are present even where, in principle, they seemed impossible to exist.

The Swift Basecamp Evo kitchen has everything you need. Photo: YouTube.com

Even the cushions on the two benches in the dining area, which convert into a double bed at night, are reportedly made from recycled plastic. A total of 1750 bottles were used to equip the functional Evo prototype.

The compact Swift Basecamp Evo even has space for a spare tire. Photo: YouTube.com

At the moment, the manufacturer does not disclose all the characteristics of its new product. Also, its estimated price is still unknown. But a company representative hints that the electric version may cost a little more than its petrol predecessor, the Basecamp 2. And its cost, for reference, starts at around $29, which at current ruble exchange rates is about 800 million.


Photos used: www.youtube.com

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