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Porsche offers new generation Panamera with gold body

Porsche offers new generation Panamera with gold body
Porsche has demonstrated an exclusive performance of the latest generation Panamera liftback. This is a car in the Sonderwunsch version from the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur division. The car received an unusual body shade with the addition of natural gold to the paint.

The manufacturer shows that even production models of the brand may differ. Naturally, such personalization will be expensive for the future owner. Moreover, this is factory tuning, and not the work of a third-party company.

Let us remind you that this year the Porsche Panamera experienced a generation change. But so far, car dealerships offer only second-generation liftbacks, which have been produced since 2016.

Porsche предлагает Panamera нового поколения с «золотым» кузовомAnd this is the regular new generation Panamera. Photo: Youtube.com

The new generation was officially presented only two days ago - November 24. At the same time, the minimum cost of the car was announced. The most budget Porsche Panamera will be offered from $101 (550 million rubles).

The exclusive car shown as part of the Sonderwunsch program is two-tone. But this is not a simple combination, like white top, black bottom. The body seems to consist of three parts. Top and bottom in purple-chestnut color. There are dark accents in the middle.

The upper part of the body has a clear transition, there is even a separate marking line. It carries a semantic load - it returns to the past, demonstrating the roots of Porsche. Although, similar lines have never been used on cars of the brand. This is more like motorcycle and aviation fashion of the mid-twentieth century.

But below, the transition from black to basic purple-chestnut is smooth and blurry. It feels like the paint is running off.

The car's exclusive alloy wheels are painted in the color of the number line. This makes them stand out against the background of the body and draws attention. Glasses and optics are slightly tinted. The model symbolizes the sunset.

The color is more brown than purple. Photo: Youtube.com

But the most interesting thing is the gold flakes added to the paint. This is not powder, but rather large particles of noble metal. They sparkle beautifully when the light hits them.

The interior of the Porsche Panamera Sonderwunsch was not shown. As reported at the presentation, it is not yet ready and is being finalized. The car will be finished only in 2024.

Customers can pre-order the exclusive Panamera from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur now. These cars will be modified under the strict guidance of future owners. Everyone will receive exactly what they dream of. And the cars will turn out to be unique.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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