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KTM 990 Duke could be reborn at the end of 2023

KTM 990 Duke could be reborn at the end of 2023
There is great news for experienced bikers - the new KTM 990 Duke motorcycle will probably be officially presented at the end of 2023. This is truly a long-awaited event for fans, since 900 years have passed since the release of the previous Duke 10 model, and it is not in production. Now there is every reason to believe that the line will be revived in the next couple of months.

The 990 KTM 2024 Duke is made for those who love aggressive riding. The structure is designed accordingly. The main part of the frame is made of steel, and a lightweight yet durable aluminum subframe is attached to it. The swing arm is also made of aluminum.

КТМ 990 Duke может возродиться уже в конце 2023 годаThe design of the motorcycle shows continuity from its predecessor. Photo: youtube.com

The weight of the motorcycle is 179 kg, and the driver’s seat height is 825 mm. The seat is raised by 2 degrees so that the “pilot” does not roll forward during sudden braking. The latter is achieved by brake discs with a diameter of 300 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear.

There is an anti-lock braking system from Bosch, and it can be turned off to make cornering more effective. In general, many protective systems can be turned off, but this is recommended only for experienced bikers who have a good feel for the motorcycle at high speed.

The motorcycle is positioned as a model for extreme riding, including wheelie riding. Photo: youtube.com

Compared to the KTM 890 Duke R, the new product will receive an improved 2-cylinder engine with a capacity of 947 cc. It develops a power of 123 hp. With. and torque 103 N*m at 6750 rpm. It is paired with a 6-speed gearbox, for which quick shifting is available as an option.


Photos used: youtube.com

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