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Tank 300 – when the Chinese learned to make passable and beautiful SUVs

Tank 300 – when the Chinese learned to make passable and beautiful SUVs
No one doubts that Chinese cars will conquer the Russian market. Only one peak remained unconquered - the budget segment. The Lada Granta reigns there, and so does the Vesta.

The situation was created artificially. There are plenty of cheap cars in the Middle Kingdom, they are just in no hurry to bring them. Why, if it’s easier to “inflate” prices for cars of a higher class. The margin, by the way, is impressive. A crossover, which costs 2 million rubles in China, is often sold here for 3,5-4 million.

But let’s leave the issue of pricing up to the dealers. They transport and clear cars through customs. After all, no one bothers you to bring a car from the Middle Kingdom yourself. No opportunity, acquaintances, connections and knowledge? Then leave this matter to the professionals.

Tank 300 – когда китайцы научились делать проходимые и красивые внедорожникиMany people like the car in this color. Photo: Youtube.com

Chinese cars in Russia are represented mainly by crossovers. There is a simple explanation for this - this class is now the most popular.

Among the mass of Chinese crossovers, the Tank brand stands out. It was created by the Great Wall Motors concern and produces full-fledged frame SUVs. Not only that, they also differ in their brutal design. The hero of today’s article is the “youngest” in the line, Tank 300.

Let's talk about the cost of cars right away. For a model in the basic configuration they ask from 3,8 million rubles. For the most expensive version they want 4,4 million.


When creating its “Tank”, the Chinese manufacturer clearly aimed to replace the Land Cruiser Prado. Although outwardly these two cars are not at all similar, technically and in terms of dimensions they have a lot in common. The Japanese SUV is 80 mm longer, but slightly narrower and lower.

The underbody protection of the SUV is made of steel. Photo: Youtube.com

By launching a new brand on the market, Great Wall Motors Corporation planned to amaze the buyer with its appearance. And she succeeded - against the background of identical SUVs, “Tanks” of any model stand out.

In appearance, the Tank 300 can be found in common with:

✅ Ford Bronco
✅ Jeep Wrangler
✅ Toyota FJ Cruiser

The collaboration was a success. The car turned out beautiful and brutal. And if it is also in bright red or orange, then the model also looks bold. The car definitely stands out on the road and attracts attention.


The doors of a Chinese SUV suddenly turn out not to be fake, but quite heavy and solid. Therefore, they will have to be opened and closed with greater effort than on standard foreign cars. On the other hand, this is a frame SUV, it should be solid.

The back door has a powerful lock. Photo: Youtube.com

Inside, it is immediately clear that the car is not designed for the Chinese market, but for the world stage. All seats, both front and rear, are comfortable for people of above average height. But artificial leather is not very good, although the material seems to be of high quality at first glance.

I’m glad that in addition to touch buttons, there are also analog buttons in the cabin. They are responsible for controlling the climate system and seat heating. The rear sofa has a function for changing the backrest angle. And even if it’s only in two positions, it’s still pleasing.

The cargo compartment turned out to be quite compact - 410 liters. Only two large travel suitcases will fit in there. But if you fold the back seat, you get a free space of 170 cm in length. The floor, by the way, is flat, which is important. There will be no full-fledged sleeping places, but if you really want to, you can spend the night together.

The most expensive versions have a power outlet in the trunk and a folding table.

Technical features

If you understand the nuances, the Tank 300 is a typical “old school” SUV. The model is created on a spar frame. The manufacturer promised high-strength steel and a number of reinforcements in the load-bearing structure of the body.

The dashboard is electronic. Photo: Youtube.com

The suspension without any hydraulics or pneumatics is independent at the front on double wishbones. At the rear there is generally a continuous axle with a Panhard rod. It is already clear that this is a classic SUV, and not a newfangled crossover. In such a car you can safely go into nature, even to places where there are directions instead of roads.

The Tank 300 engine is two-liter, with a volume of 2,0 liters. The power of the power unit is 220 hp. With. The motor is new for the Russian market, it is difficult to say anything about its reliability. Despite the turbocharging, the manufacturer claims that the car can be refueled with AI-92 gasoline. It is better to use fuel with an octane rating of 95. The difference in price is small.

Consumption in the city is promised at 13,1 liters, in fact, it is about 15.

But with an automatic transmission, Chinese manufacturers decided not to take risks. So that there would be no complaints against them, they followed the path of the Japanese and paired the engine with an 8-automatic transmission from ZF. This unit is known under the symbol 8HP70 and easily takes care of 200 thousand kilometers. Naturally, with timely oil changes.

There is enough space in the back row even for those who have grown to 185 cm. Photo: Youtube.com

The gearbox is designed for torque up to 500 Nm. The Tank 300 engine has only 380, so the automatic transmission has more than enough life. This was done on purpose, clearly taking into account overloads while driving off-road.

Features of operation

A two-liter turbocharged engine is enough for an SUV to not only keep up with everyone else in city traffic. The Tank 300 takes off briskly from a standstill and accelerates dynamically.

The gearbox and engine work perfectly. No hesitation when switching, no jolts or roar of the engine.

But the brakes are rather weak for the weight of the car - you have to press the pedal in advance and keep your distance.

On the highway up to a speed of 120 km/h, the Tank 300 is as playful as an average passenger car. If the speedometer needle exceeds this mark, the weight of the car and the windage of the high body begin to interfere. However, there is nothing to violate, especially on an SUV.

The car's suspension is rigid - it's a frame model. You can feel every small unevenness on the asphalt. But it will not be possible to break through the suspension even on serious bumps.

The engine is turbocharged, and the block, by the way, is cast iron. Photo: Youtube.com

You should not actively maneuver in traffic. The Tank 300 does not have sharp steering, and body roll at speed is sometimes downright scary. But this is a frame SUV, no one promised that it would handle like a sports car.

All-wheel drive for a part-time car. It is recommended to turn it on only when off-road. When the connection between the axles is rigid, handling deteriorates even more.

In the mud, the Chinese SUV is able to move until it sits on the bottom. If at least one wheel has traction, the car will move forward. It turns out that it can be put on a par with the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender. But it’s unlikely that an SUV from the Middle Kingdom will be as reliable as these legends.

Even in a big city, the model does not look out of place. Photo: Youtube.com

To summarize, it is worth noting that the Chinese car turned out to be interesting. But the price is too high for the Russian consumer.

Off-road enthusiasts are unlikely to be interested in the model - they prefer to take budget UAZs and Nivas in basic configurations and globally modify them. For those who like unusual cars, the Tank 300 will not appeal either. These drivers will prefer the used market, where you can find a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota FJ Cruiser.

A Chinese SUV is also not suitable as an image model for the city. It is not very maneuverable.

But judging by the fact that Tank 300s are already seen on Russian roads, they are being bought. And we must do justice to the model - the Chinese turned out to be beautiful and of high quality.

But the average Russian driver is not ready to change to a car from the Middle Kingdom. Especially if they ask for it from 3,8 million rubles.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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