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We fly on a passenger airship

We fly on a passenger airship
How is a flight on an airship through the eyes of an ordinary passenger? When it comes to an airplane, it’s common knowledge: buying a ticket, checking in, boarding, and off you go! In Russia, however, airships are not yet very common, but this does not mean that this type of transport is not used in other countries. For example, in Germany you can easily take an hour-long walk. During the journey, anyone will be able to understand: this method of aeronautics is pleasant - the noise of the engines is almost inaudible, the airship moves slowly, giving the opportunity to admire the landscapes below.

Why did these aircraft, which were actively flying in the 30s, suddenly disappear? It’s all because of the disaster, “loudly declaring” that this type of transport is dangerous. And all because of hydrogen, which explodes at the slightest spark. Today this is no longer the case: airships use helium. And therefore, the world is actively trying to revive cars of this type. And there are reasons for this: airships are capable of transporting large cargo over long distances with minimal fuel and maintenance costs. At the same time, a highly developed infrastructure is not required. These devices can also be used for patrols or tourist sightseeing flights. What do airships look like inside, what views do passengers have? This will be discussed and shown on the Anatomy of Monsters channel. Enjoy watching!


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