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All-terrain cargo electric bike from Hong Kong Fiido Titan

All-terrain cargo electric bike from Hong Kong Fiido Titan
Back in 2021, Fiido improved the frame design of the trendy D11 folding electric bike. The seat tube battery was also updated for the attractive Model X. This was followed by an appeal to Indiegogo to fund production.

After a bit of a troublesome 2022, Hong Kong-based Fiido has released an all-terrain electric cargo bike with fat tires. Called Titan, it will be able to be driven with three batteries and have a range of up to 400 km on a single charge. Many experts were able to test it in March of this year, and they were very impressed with the new product. But even greater emotions awaited everyone ahead.

Грузовой электровелосипед повышенной проходимости из Гонконга Fiido TitanBright Fiido Titan front light. Photo: youtube.com

Just a few weeks passed after the publication of the laudatory review, when the manufacturing company announced a global recall of its equipment. The reason was a number of reports of visible frame fatigue and actual failures. This forced the guys from Hong Kong to check and fix the problems that had surfaced.

Months of intensive tuning and testing passed before Fiido again started talking about previewing corrected versions of the technology. One of them was described as an advanced two-wheeled SUV. Now experts and amateurs are again full of desire to try out a new product that should become more successful.

With electric drive – for lovers of active recreation

From the very beginning, the model was positioned as the best option for those who like to clock up kilometers in nature, far from civilization. That is why it received truck-type tires and the maximum possible autonomous range.

The main thing they tried to do for the Fiido Titan is to provide it with capabilities that are not available for similar electric bicycles. And this, with an announced price of around 1700 US dollars.

We will talk about the wide range of functions a little below, but now we will try to focus on some of its key properties. This is necessary in order to immediately get a general impression of the technical content, and, so to speak, to show the product face to face. So, the main points are:

✅ color info display
✅ main battery with a capacity of 696 Wh
✅ two additional batteries attached to the holder
✅ flexible pedal assist, adjustable to current torque

The UL-certified Titan comes standard with a down tube battery that provides a range of up to 135 km (83,8 miles). This is real mileage data on a single charge with a minimum level of pedal assistance. But Fiido has added the option to include two range extenders that are positioned at the rear (like dual exhaust pipes). This way, the total trip duration can be extended to a distance of up to 400 km (248,5 miles) without the need for additional recharging. But the bike also has a number of other pleasant features.

Additional advantages in the design

Many cyclists are ready to appreciate the flexible motion control system of an electric bike. I mean when the pedal assist is calculated according to the current torque. Moreover, first of all, this concerns the European market. After all, they are going to sell the new product in the EU countries, Great Britain and the USA.

Some elements of the bike can be controlled from a smartphone. Photo: youtube.com

Thus, the system used in Fiido Titan will help the owner make the best use of both battery reserves and human resources. At the same time, adhering to the desired pace of movement. I think everyone will be happy.

If in reality everything turns out to be as perfect as it looks in theory, then the torque sensor will certainly increase the efficiency of the electric motor. Well, the feeling from the ride of the rider himself will improve. After all, equipment for extreme walking implies ease of use and a maximum of extremely positive emotions.

The same can be said for the triple energy reserve. It is no secret that, when going on a long trip through the wild, every driver scrupulously calculates the driving capabilities of his vehicle. If, like the Titan, it is in triple digits, then you can safely drive without worrying about being left without “fuel reserves.”

The comfortable seat is designed for long trips. Photo: youtube.com

Let's not forget that we are talking about mining equipment, and during its operation there are not only long ascents, but also rapid descents. If in the first case everyone is interested in power and traction, then in the other there are other priorities. Yes, that's right, you need effective and reliable brakes. Most often today, electric bike manufacturers equip their devices with two-piston calipers.

Fiido went further by using four-piston elements. This will increase the safety of operation of the equipment, because the bicycle itself has considerable weight, which requires strengthening the braking system. So you can not only go up the mountain, but also go down it without any worries.

Another pride of technology is the color screen. Of course, it is not as functional as, for example, a car display. But for more modest technology this is not critical. The main thing is that it is easy to read, offering good image clarity. The same model is found on the C21 E-Gravel. And now is the time to consider the technical side of the bike.

Technical specifications of Fiido Titan

We've already seen a number of nice elements in the design of the electric bike. Now let's pay attention to its technical indicators. In fact, this is one of the most important points that form an opinion about any new product in the transport sector.

Two-piston calipers with Fiido Titan brake disc. Photo: youtube.com

The e-bike will come with a five-level pedal assist system limited to a speed of 25 km/h. But it can be unlocked up to 45 km/h, and the throttle is also available. Here are the data on the engine installed in the rear hub:

✅ power – 750 (maximum – 1130) W
✅ chain drive equipped with 9-speed transmission
✅ sensitive torque sensor on the carriage

The last element supports Fiido's own algorithm, customized for cargo models. The electric bike has an aluminum frame equipped with an integrated rear rack. It has the following parameters:

✅ weighs 29,5 kg
✅ designed to carry up to 200 kg (including rider and cargo)
✅ equipped with 26-inch solid wheels
✅ wheels have massive fat tires 4 inches wide

Absorbing the effects of off-road conditions is ensured by a hydraulic suspension fork with 60 mm of travel. This is done using the powerful mountain-type wheels mentioned above. The Fiido E-Adventure Bike can be equipped with one down tube battery and two range extenders mounted on a special rack (for a fee).

An elegant full-color display with backlit control buttons is mounted on the handlebar stem. Power on and battery locking are possible via the Fiido mobile app. The kit includes a powerful headlight, according to the manufacturer, “as bright as a motorcycle,” and an LED rear light.

Good tires on aluminum spokeless wheels Fiido Titan. Photo: youtube.com

The equipment is also equipped with a comfortable driver's saddle, developed jointly with Velo. Other accessories include a large cargo rack and a running board. The Titan currently retails for $1699 for the standard single-battery configuration or $2397 for the three-battery version.


Photos used: youtube.com

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