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A large batch of 150 horsepower Iran Khodro Dena sedans with automatic transmission was delivered to Russia

A large batch of 150 horsepower Iran Khodro Dena sedans with automatic transmission was delivered to Russia
The official and only dealer of Iran Khodro in Russia received a batch of new Dena sedans. These are cars with “top” turbocharged engines of 150 hp. With. The prices are encouraging - cars are asking from 1,5 million rubles.

This is a great offer. Although the cost may seem high, Iran Khodro Dena simply has no competitors in this segment. The only car that can lay claim to the laurels of a budget but sports sedan in Russia is the Lada Vesta Sportline.

But the Russian model costs much more. The price tag starts from 2,176 million rubles. At the same time, the car is inferior to the Iranian sedan in all main parameters. Its engine is naturally aspirated, with a power of 118 hp. s., but no automatic transmission.

В Россию завезли крупную партию 150-ти сильных седанов Iran Khodro Dena с АКППThe turbocharged engine is quite compact. Photo: Youtube.com

As for the Iran Khodro Dena, it is created on the structurally “ancient” Peugeot 405 platform. Despite the fact that it comes from the 80s, the design is pleasant. The car is similar in appearance to the Chevrolet Cruze. And in general, classic sedans are loved in our country.

The salon, at first glance, is distinguished by oriental luxury. Soft chairs with luxurious velor, there are side support bolsters. But the quality of the plastic, alas, let us down - it’s frankly budget-friendly. And the wood-effect inserts look a bit tacky.

Under the hood of the car is a turbocharged EF7-TC engine with a volume of 1,7 liters. This power unit is based on the TU5 from the Peugeot 405. There is only a license for the base from the French, and the engine itself has been modified by specialists from the German company FEV.

By the way, in Russia there is Iran Khodro Dena with naturally aspirated EF7 engines of 115 hp. With. They ask for them from 1,38 million rubles. A manual transmission works in conjunction with such an engine.

In our country, 1,7-liter power units are practically unknown. But they shouldn’t have any problems with reliability. Structurally similar engines from Peugeot have gained popularity in Russia over several decades.

Iran Khodro Dena has every chance to become a popular model on the Russian market. Mid-size sedan with a 150 hp turbocharged engine. With. and automatic transmission for 1,5 million rubles - we no longer have such offers.

Lada Vesta Sportline costs significantly more. Photo: Youtube.com

The main disadvantage of Iran Khodro Dena is its outdated platform. But in modern Russian realities this is rather a plus. Such a car can be repaired at any service station, even a garage. And it’s not difficult to repair such a machine yourself.

Plus, in the 80s, cars were designed by engineers, not marketers. They definitely have a higher safety margin than modern budget class models.

But Russian drivers are still wary of Iranian cars. They still have to gain trust, and this will take at least several years.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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