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GROZA Defender 500: Chinese IZH, and even with a sidecar

GROZA Defender 500: Chinese IZH, and even with a sidecar
3 times cheaper than the new Ural Gear Up, and looks even more brutal. This is exactly how we can describe Russia’s first Chinese motorcycle with a sidecar, the GROZA Defender 500. The model has been in production for just over two months, but is already being sold here for some 600 thousand rubles.

For the GROZA Defender 500 motorcycle, the Chinese took a 445 cc enduro engine, added reverse gear for it and attached an electric starter. Voila - it turned out to be quite viable. At its peak, the engine produces 28,5 hp. With. Of course, this is inferior to the 45-horsepower Gear Apu, but the price is 3 times less. The motorcycle's seat height is 830 mm, and you can take 13 liters of fuel with you. By the way, don’t forget about the spacious stroller, where you can seat a passenger or put a can of gasoline. In general, the model has many technical similarities with IZH motorcycles, which is why some have already dubbed it a Chinese alternative to Soviet motorcycles.

A detailed review of the GROZA Defender 500 motorcycle from all sides and even inside is already available on the Sanya Chetodel YouTube channel. He also talked about non-standard technical solutions that are not listed in the descriptions in online stores.


Photos used: youtube.com

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GROZA Defender 500 - 100 (14.58%)
"IZH Planet-5" - 298 (43.44%)
"Ural Gear Up" - 170 (24.78%)
None of these - 118 (17.2%)
Voted: 686
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