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The new Russian helicopter engine VK-650V will soon become serial

The new Russian helicopter engine VK-650V will soon become serial
The VK-650V gas turbine engine, necessary for the production of light helicopters, is being prepared for serial launch. Full-scale flight tests are next. At ODK-Klimov, where this power unit was developed, they said that they will take place in 2024. And it’s not far from resuming production of Ansat and Ka-226 helicopters.

The VK-650V engine is currently undergoing ground tests. Rostec, which owns ODK-Klimov, promises to produce a dozen experimental VK-650V engines for light helicopters. They will be installed on the Ansat model. It is on them that gas turbine engines will be tested.

Let us recall that the production of Russian-made light rotorcraft was discontinued due to the rupture of contracts with foreign partners. Talk about the Ansat and Ka-226 models. They were equipped with engines from Canadian and French manufacturers.

Новый российский двигатель для вертолетов ВК-650В скоро станет серийнымWe are waiting for the resumption of light helicopter production. Photo: Youtube.com

There is a demand for light helicopters in Russia. And they are ready to buy them abroad. For example, before the introduction of economic sanctions, India planned to purchase 140 Ka-226 kits for assembly at its production facilities.

The VK-650V gas turbine engines are promising - they can be used on helicopters weighing up to four tons. It is possible to install these power units on drones.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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