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Russian railways will receive more than a dozen new electric trains

Russian railways will receive more than a dozen new electric trains
By the end of this year, Russian Railways will receive 12 new electric trains. About this to TASS journalists рассказал one of the holding's managers.

Lastochka electric trains not only became independent of Siemens components. The Sinara – Transport Machines holding managed to establish mass production of a model with the ES104 index. “Popularly” she is known as “Swallow”.

The trains are currently in the process of undergoing state certification. This is a necessary procedure, because the model is actually new. The manufacturer was forced to abandon foreign components - they are no longer supplied to our country.

Let us remind you that the updated “Swallow” was presented back in July. Not only did the manufacturer manage to achieve almost 100% import substitution, but the ES104 also received a new design.

Российские железные дороги получат более десятка новых электропоездовIn general, we will not be left without new electric trains. Photo: Youtube.com

The Russian Lastochka will be certified for speeds of up to 160 km/h. But the new generation platform will increase this number by 20-25%.

Now the manufacturer is working on expanding the model range. The range will even include a train capable of autonomously traveling up to 125 km. This will allow Lastochka to be used on non-electrified sections of railway tracks.

The service life of new trains is already known - 40 years.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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