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The best trucks from the USSR and not only off-road - the T40 tractor was also taken

The best trucks from the USSR and not only off-road - the T40 tractor was also taken
Soviet cargo vehicles were distinguished by increased cross-country ability. And it doesn’t matter that cars are usually rear-wheel drive - universal tires and ground clearance can work wonders. Yes, and passenger cars had to storm dirt roads. It’s good when the weather is dry, but what if it rains? For this reason, drivers from the USSR were professionals. Remembering how they got out of puddles, it seems that such people are capable of participating in rallies without prior preparation.

As for Soviet SUVs, military trucks still hold the palm. GAZ-66, ZIL-131, KrAZ, Urals. The latter, by the way, are still being produced, without having changed much in appearance. If you don’t believe me, you can look at the manufacturer’s official website. Ural-4320 is offered in several modifications. And those who don’t like the “old-fashioned” appearance can order models with the NEXT prefix. But the authors of “Don’t Brake Channel” are more interested in Soviet technology. The video will feature legends. Trucks from the USSR will have to prove their uniqueness to foreign passenger cars. Well, we took the T40 tractor so as not to have to run to the village. Or maybe it will be inferior in cross-country ability to the GAZ-66 and ZIL-131? In general, take a look, it will be interesting!


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