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Russian mini-all-terrain vehicle: two “Khomyaks” – a pair

Russian mini-all-terrain vehicle: two “Khomyaks” – a pair
At first glance, it is not clear what is in front of you: either a tracked motorcycle, or a mini-all-terrain scooter. This technique was first revealed to the general public in 2020. A crowd of curious people stood around the car at the All-Terrain Vehicle-Trophy exhibition - the “crawler mini-motorcycle” was so unusual.

It turned out that the author of the creation was Eduard Luzyanin, who gave the name to his invention – “Hamster”. And indeed: in terms of its external “swollen” outlines, the technique resembles this animal. But what can she do?

Basic data

The all-terrain vehicle on tracks weighs only 85 kg and has modest dimensions. The “hamster” can be transported in the luggage compartment of an SUV. The role of the power unit is played by a 150 cc engine from a scooter made in China. The variator was borrowed from him. Starting is carried out using an electric starter powered by a 12-volt battery. To transmit torque, a chain from an Izhevsk motorcycle is used. The chassis (caterpillars and three rollers for shock absorption) was taken from the Buran, a Russian snowmobile, the seat was “borrowed” from the Ural motorcycle.

Российский гусеничный мини-вездеход: два «Хомяка» – параThe engine is from a Chinese scooter. Photo: YouTube.com

A “bike on tracks” consumes a liter of fuel per hour: the reserve in the tank is 10 liters. As a last resort, you can attach a canister with an additional 5 liters to the back. The mini-all-terrain vehicle accelerates to a maximum of 43 km/h, but the creator of the “Hamster” claims that it is better not to exceed 20 km/h, because without suspension the ride is not very comfortable. It’s worth saying right away: the equipment is intended for off-road use and it is not recommended to drive it on public roads.

The British publication Visor Down spoke about the Russian “miracle”. In their material, the British called the invention of Eduard Luzyanin “Hamyak”.

Despite its miniature dimensions, the “Hamster” contains some tools: a folding saw, a hatchet. On the tank there is a compass, a flashlight, and you can attach a thermos. On the side, just in case, is a 15-meter piece of rope.

At the back is a spare fuel canister. Photo: YouTube.com

Already at the exhibition, the inventor was ordered to make another mini-all-terrain vehicle. The master is ready to make as many cars as he wants, but upon prior order. The price at that time was 200 thousand rubles. Later, other interested people appeared.

How to turn?

This question most interested visitors to the exhibition. It is not difficult to perform a maneuver on sand or other weak-bearing soil: you need to move your body in the direction of the turn. But on a hard road it is more difficult to do this. According to the designer, in this case, first: “rest your foot on the other side” where you need to go. Then push the throttle all the way down and shift your body weight in the desired direction when the Hamster rears up.

It is not recommended to drive a mini-all-terrain vehicle on public roads. Photo: YouTube.com

But, apparently, the designer was “fed up” with questions about maneuvering and without hesitation, he presented to the public at the MotoSpring-2021 exhibition the next model of an all-terrain vehicle - with a pair of tracks.


You won’t see the two rubber-metal propellers right away - they merge. But if you look closely, the difference from the previous model becomes more noticeable. A pair of handles appeared on the steering wheel to control the tracks. If you slow down one of them (this is done using hydraulics), the mini-all-terrain vehicle will turn in the right direction, like a tractor. The car became heavier, the “maximum speed” dropped to 40 km/h. There are no other differences in the exterior and technical characteristics.

Both models have a trunk with tools in front. Photo: YouTube.com

It is not yet clear at what price the modernized version of the “Khomyak” will be sold (it is clear that the cost will be higher than that of its predecessor), but most likely there will also be a lot of people interested. It is known that Khomyak-2 is being run-in and tested for driving performance in real road conditions. At this stage, possible shortcomings are identified that will be eliminated before the equipment is put into production.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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