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Lexus TX full-size crossovers began to be offered in Russia

Lexus TX full-size crossovers began to be offered in Russia
In Russian showrooms you can already order large SUVs from Lexus. This is the new TX model. The cost of cars is unpleasantly surprising - from 17,25 million rubles.

However, for this amount they offer cars in the “top” configuration and with a hybrid engine. But there are no cars in stock - only on order.

There is good news for those looking to save money. If it’s not important, you can take a used Lexus TX. However, it will only be like that legally - with a mileage of 10-50 km on the odometer. In fact, these are new cars that no one has driven, they even have plastic seats. They were simply imported as used ones to reduce customs duties.

В России начали предлагать полноразмерные кроссоверы Lexus TXModel for a large but rich family. Photo: Youtube.com

The cost of a Lexus TX with a nominal mileage starts at 9 million rubles. But these will be cars with gasoline engines. The price of hybrids starts at 9,67 million.

Let's go back to new cars without mileage. These are modifications of 500h. The power plant is based on a 2,4-liter gasoline engine. An electric motor works in tandem with it. Total power 371 hp. With. This is almost a hundred “horses” more than the gasoline version.

The cars are three-row, with two separate “captain’s” chairs in the middle. The equipment is rich, as befits a real SUV from Lexus.

Apparently, car dealerships don’t really believe that such crossovers will be in demand in our country. Otherwise, they would have been delivered immediately, and not offered to order.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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